Skip the Scrubbing with Kenmore Elite Dishwashers

October 1, 2015 by Kenmore


Maybe this routine sounds familiar. You’ve just served the most delicious meal your guests have ever tasted and now you’d like to sit back and relax. But you know that if you don’t soak and pre-rinse those dinner dishes, they’ll never come clean. So you excuse yourself and retreat to the kitchen, where you pre-wash the dishes while listening to the faint laughter of your guests in the other room. If only there was a dishwasher that would work as hard at cleaning dishes as you did in making that delicious meal.

Now there is! Skip the scrub and pre-rinse and enjoy your guests with Kenmore Elite Dishwashers. We’ve packed a lot of power into our new Elite dishwashers. With 360 Powerwash Plus technology, rotating spray jets and TurboZone Reach even the most stubborn stuck-on food is no trouble for the Elite dishwasher. Check out some of the innovative features of the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher in the videos below:

With the Micro Clean Wash System, our enhanced self-cleaning dishwasher filter can cut cycle times and can save up to two gallons of water. It also filters 100% of the wash water for clean dishes.

The exclusive 360 Powerwash Plus technology on Kenmore Elite Dishwashers features the only motorized spray arm that moves forwards and backwards to deliver continuous coverage for the ultimate clean from your dishwasher.

The exclusive TurboZone Reach Upper Rack Wash System feature on the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher uses spray jets to clean deep inside bowls, bottles and glasses in the upper rack.

The new Kenmore Elite Dishwashers power-clean stuck-on foods with rotating spray jets to blast off baked-on, caked-on messes like casserole dishes.

Say goodbye to your scrubber and hello to an easier way to wash dishes. Shop the full line of Kenmore Elite Dishwashers today and enjoy your dinner party guests tomorrow.


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