The 12 Days of Holiday Prep

December 7, 2015 by Kenmore

Maybe you started getting ready for the holidays the moment your Thanksgiving table was cleared, or maybe you’re one of those people who leaves it all to the last minute. Either way, we’ve broken up our own list to 12 days of holiday prep. Use this as motivation or a helpful checklist on your journey. Start this today, start tomorrow, just don’t start it on the 24th!

Days 1
Start your prep by running out of the gate at full speed. You’ll need to make a list of all the gifts you still need to buy, and take stock of any holiday decor that is broken, outdated or needs to be replaced. If you need any extra dishes, glasses or cooking utensils now is the time to buy.

Day 2
You’ll be cutting it pretty close with any online shopping in the next few days, so it’s important that you finish it now! Our favorite gift for your little holiday helpers around the house? Something from our My First Kenmore Collection (how cute)! Now you’ve got a little pro in training. 

Next you’ll need to get a move on sending out those holiday cards if you want them to show up before the holiday. And, If you haven’t already, today is a great day to buy your live tree and ensure it’s fresh throughout the rest of the season. Enjoy decorating with the whole family!

Day 3
Put up any outdoor decor you haven’t set out yet like wreaths, welcome mats, holiday lights and festive plants.

And since your tree was decorated the day before, this is also a great time to start wrapping any gifts that may have come in during your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. It will be great to see the tree start to fill up day after day and it will save you from any last-minute, all nighters of wrapping later in the month.

Day 4
Now that you have all of your holiday boxes out of storage, maybe it’s time to see where you can go lean in your home and begin to declutter. Go through and organize winter clothing and household items that can be donated.

Day 5
Think about hosting a holiday cookie exchange with friends or neighbors to help you expand your recipe options for the rest of the holiday! This will help you create your baking list early and you could also get great ideas on hosting gift ideas for future parties.

Day 6
Start to deep-clean your home! This means vacuuming, washing windows, dusting, getting all your laundry done, de-cluttering the kitchen, deep cleaning your fridge and pantry to do away with any old foods to make room for new groceries. If you know that you’ll be hosting some out-of-town guests, use this checklist to make their stay as cozy as ever!

Day 7
Get all those odds and ends you may need such as extra lightbulbs, batteries, flashlights, candles, firewood, toilet paper, laundry detergent, first-aid kit and anything else you might run out of while the stores are closed during holiday.

Day 8
And in the midst of all this planning, don’t forget to carve out some good, quality holiday fun time with friends or family. Go ice skating or sledding, build a snowman, check out a holiday market in town. And most of all, enjoy time together!

Day 9
Back to work, with just a few days left to whip up that holiday magic! Finish your in-store shopping needs for gifts or perishable food items today. This will give you a few days to finish wrapping up presents and start prepping dishes you’ll be cooking up this week.

Day 10
Let’s get the outside of your home as prepared as the inside. Since you’ll be having guests over soon, you’ll want to ensure getting to your home is safe! Make sure your entrance, walkways, porches and more are free of ice and snow. Give them a good salting so no one slips. This is a good time to check that all outdoor lighting like porch or door lights are working fine.

Day 11
Food prep day! This is a great time to start making some of your delicious side dishes and desserts ahead of time. This applies to casseroles and pie dough, pretty much anything containing a potato, and other breads. You can also try out those great cookie recipes you got from your exchange earlier in the season, and create some time for decorating them with the family.

Day 12
It’s finally here! Since you were such a busy bee earlier this month, this is your time to complete any final touches. Sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities — you deserve it!

Image Credit: Decoist 


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