The Best Gifts for High School Grads

May 12, 2016 by Kenmore

Your kids leaving for college is their gift to you, so it’s important to return the favor. We gathered up some great gift ideas to get for your new grad to help them get ready for school in the fall. While the college experience of eating cold ramen noodles out of a coffee mug is important, it’s not a bad idea to be able to upgrade their college culinary experience.


Let’s start with the essentials: A new toaster is a must have for a quick and easy breakfast and the new Kenmore Elite toaster stands tall among the rest. It has 4 wide slots to easily accommodate multiple bagels or breakfast pastries. The large LED display will help make sure that no one suffers the fate (or smell) of burnt toast.


Want to make your grad the talk of their dorm floor? Get them the Kenmore Elite toaster oven. This compact toaster oven gives you the power of a regular oven with the convenience of size. Don’t worry though, it’s still big enough to re-heat a 12” pizza. Perfect for reheating leftovers or melting cheese on bread or veggies.


The mother of all microwaves; the Kenmore PRO microwave has convection capabilities so you can do so much more than just make microwave popcorn. Never again will they have to eat something that is flaming hot on the outside and an icicle on the inside, this powerful microwave will ensure food gets fully cooked with the heating system of a convection oven.


Help them stay healthy and save money with the Kenmore Elite blender. Smoothies are a delicious and quick way to eat a good breakfast and with the Elite blender they have the option of a single serve cup so they can just blend, grab and go.


Last but certainly not least, the Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer. While frozen waffles and soup in a cup may be their usual, every now and again they can step it up with this stand mixer. Whether they are making cookies for a fundraiser or a whipping up some whipped cream to top their fresh fruit, this stand mixer has everything they need to save their energy for studying…hopefully.

Be sure and check out for some other great small kitchen appliances and delicious recipes to accompany them. And remember, while they certainly make a great gift for your new grads, it’s not a bad way to treat yourself too.


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