the smart fridge to make your connected home complete

August 20, 2019 by Kenmore

You know that once you connect an appliance to your phone, there’s no going back. Your thermostat reminds you to turn off the heat. Your TV can turn on with your voice. Your fridge can do the heavy lifting, too.

The Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator will go beyond your need to satisfy that connected craving. Read about all the connected features, design innovations and time-saving hacks, so that you can be more amazing in your kitchen, quicker.

There are 6 key smart features available at your thumb through the Kenmore Smart App:

Refrigerator Smart App Screenshot

  • Connect your fridge to Alexa.
  • Alerts for when your door is left open or your power goes out.
  • Routine maintenance check-ins for new water or air filters.
  • In-app ordering for parts.
  • Accela Ice™ quickly refills your ice in minutes.
  • Max air filter helps combat intense odors.

Some of the best features aren’t just in the technology, but the design.
Smart Fridge Double Doors

  • There’s 27.7 cubic ft. of space and a grab-n-go door, changing the game on French doors and keeping all your items in reach.
  • Slide away shelves for awkward-sized items, like wine.
  • A deluxe ice and water dispenser, so you can easily get filtered water straight to your coffee maker. It’s NSF Certified to reduce chlorine taste and odor, impurities like mercury, and over 99% of lead. Instead of reaching for the filter in the back and making a day of replacing it, the filter is located in the front of the swinging door — making it a replace-and-go job for you.
  • You can stop replacing your monthly baking soda box, as the Elite Smart Refrigerator includes a CleanFlow Air filter. It uses charcoal and is 15x more effective than the deodorizer you’ve been stashing at the back of the fridge.
  • On the topic of making fewer replacements, you’ll be making fewer grocery runs and throwing out less expired food. Leafy greens stay dry and crisp after seven days in the AirTight Crisper bin thanks to its unique gasket and dimpled surface.

Follow these steps once you’ve decided on the perfect model for your kitchen:

  • Before you buy, make sure your ducks are in a row and your measurements are taken twice. Kenmore walks you through how to ensure that installation goes smooth as possible, including navigating the path your appliance will make when it’s delivered.
  • If your new fridge is the first, and not the last, of your smart home appliances, Armando Ferreria gives a great breakdown of how other Kenmore appliances, like washers and dryers, can simplify your home life.

Ready for a smart kitchen? Update your refrigerator, control it with your phone, and let it do the thinking for you.


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