Tips for Laundering Winter Bedding

May 25, 2015 by Kenmore

Tips for Laundering Winter Bedding

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to pack away the winter bedding in exchange for something a little lighter. It’s a good idea to launder your winter bedding before you pack it away. These tips will help you achieve clean, fresh bedding that’ll be good to go next fall.

• Wash duvets in a large capacity machine. (Our new line of top load washers are perfect for bulky items like comforters and pillows!) If you’re using a top load machine, let the drum fill halfway with water before adding the duvets.

• Throw a few tennis balls into the dryer with duvets and pillows. This will keep the down from clumping.

• Wash wool blankets in cold water and tumble dry on low. Throw a couple dry towels into the dryer with the blankets to help with the drying.

• Instead of using liquid fabric softener, which can be absorbed unevenly in duvets and pillows, use dryer sheets to freshen and prevent static.

• The sun is a natural whitener. If you have access to an outdoor clothesline, hang your bedding outside for the afternoon.

• While you’re freshening up the bed for the season, be sure to flip the mattress and wash your mattress pad.

• Make sure all bedding is completely dry before packing away for the season. Residual moisture can cause mold and odors to develop.

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