Tips to Cook (and Entertain) Like a Pro

December 18, 2015 by Kenmore


Written by Mandi Ehman

I’ve never been much of an entertainer, but my mom is an amazing hostess, and even the tea party she threw for my girls and their friends this summer was a beautiful affair.

I asked her to share her best entertaining tips with me, and I love how simple she makes it sound to pull off an elegant and classy event. We had fun dreaming of the ways the suite of Kenmore PRO appliances would make entertaining even easier! (As you know, I am a Kenmore Home Team Ambassador).

1. Before the big day arrives, take time to make a timeline for each of the dishes you’ll be preparing so that you’re not in a panic in the hours leading up to your event.

2. Be sure to build-in time for your meat to rest after cooking so that it’s juicy and flavorful throughout when it’s time to serve. With the built-in internal temperature probe in the Kenmore Pro Wall Ovens, you’ll be sure that your meat and poultry are cooked to perfection every time.

3. When setting your table, use different linens and coordinating cloth napkins to create a layered look on the table.

4. Add to the décor by creating matching centerpieces from fresh flowers for both the table and your serving area.

5. Use place cards to dress up your table and help guests avoid the awkwardness of trying to decide where they should sit while still doing your best to make everyone comfortable—sitting children with their parents, shy guests next to someone they’re comfortable with, etc.

6. Create the perfect lighting with various lights on dimmers and unscented candles spread throughout the room.

7. Create a separate drink station with pretty glasses and a variety of beverages. Be sure to offer water, which you can dress up with floating fruit in various combinations.

8. Take advantage of the turbo boil burner on the Kenmore PRO Cooktop to quickly boil water when needed. This is especially helpful if you’ve forgotten to get the water started, need to prepare something at the last minute or just need to refresh the tea (hot or iced) supplies.

9. Avoid a pile of dishes in the sink by loading dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. The Kenmore Pro TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets targets the messes so you don’t have to worry about pre-washing, which is a huge timesaver when you’re washing eight place settings!

10. Most importantly, remember that elegant doesn’t have to mean complicated or overdone; sometimes the simplest events are the most beautiful!

With the new Kenmore PRO line of appliances, your next party will be the one that everybody raves about!

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