Tips to Update Your Kitchen Before the Holidays

Looking to spruce up or revamp your home before the holidays? Now is the time to start!

For this month, we’re putting all of our attention on the heart of the home: the kitchen. There really is no place like home for the holidays, and for most of us, that time is going to be spent entertaining in the kitchen. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, there’s no need for a full remodel. All you need to refresh your kitchen is a few efficient tips and tricks to help you create that perfect entertaining space you’ve always wanted, for a fraction of the price. Follow our tips below and get your home guest-ready just in time for festivities to begin.

01. Revamp your cabinets

Make the most of existing kitchen cabinets with a simple makeover. Replacing cabinets can get expensive, but if they’re in good shape, a little facelift is all they really need to look like new. Try a coat of paint (chalkboard paint makes a fun alternative) or a distressed finish to disguise nicks and scratches. Replace hardware or cover the inside backs of cabinets with wallpaper for simple fixes to make a big effect. You can also go the modern route and replace cabinet doors with glass and frosted-glass fronts. Feeling adventurous? Removing the cabinets altogether and replacing them with open shelving can be the drastic, fresh update your kitchen needs.

02. Add a backsplash 

Transform your kitchen and give it a custom look by adding a stunning backsplash. There is an endless variety of attention-grabbing styles and patterns to choose from. The right backsplash tile can introduce another design dimension to your kitchen and even make your kitchen appear larger. Try slender, glass tiles for a trendy and modern vibe or go super sleek and clutter-free with a large glass-paneled background. Not feeling the glass tile route? Indulge in a more rustic style with a natural stone look.

03. New lighting

Changing up the lighting style in your kitchen can be an easy way to give it a new atmosphere as well as improve overall function of the space. Before you run off to pick up that shiny new chandelier your were eyeing, start with functional lighting to illuminate the spots you need for everyday tasks. Canned lighting can boost the brightness where needed, such as over the kitchen sink, table or any islands. Lighting under the cabinets are also an ideal way to eliminate shadows. Once you’ve got the necessities, get creative with some additional decorative lighting like dangling pendants, globes or chandeliers.

04. Update your appliances

Your appliances are the main focus of your kitchen and really affect the overall look and feel to the room. Replacing your kitchen suite is by no means a quick, cheap fix, but rather a sound investment in your home. You need a refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher that is really going to help improve the way you use your kitchen, and is ready to handle everything the holidays are going to throw at you. And, aside from ensuring all of your appliances will match, you’re more likely to get a bigger discount when you buy full suites together. Plus, if you don’t have up-to-date appliances, you’re missing out on incredible energy savings and innovative features. There’s always room to stock up on groceries, leftovers and more with our largest capacity refrigerators, up to 33 cubic feet! Plus, you’ll find helpful features like CrisperKeeper drawers that extend the freshness of produce up to 25%* or the industry-first Grab-N-Go™ door that puts all of your often-used items right at hand. You’ll be more than thankful over the holidays when you upgrade one to our double oven  that cooks two full-sized meals at different temperatures, simultaneously. In fact, Kenmore Elite® ranks “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Ranges, Cooktops and Ovens, Two Years in a Row.”** And when it comes to cleanup, no one cleans and dries better*** than our newest Kenmore® dishwasher lineup. We’re especially proud of all of our industry-leading performance products with third party endorsements and Kenmore® exclusive features. Check out all that we have to offer and see why Kenmore® is the most awarded brand in the industry.****

05. Update faucets or sink

Modern kitchen interior
If you’re going to update the actual tub, choose something that’s deep and easy to clean. If you use your dishwasher more often, a single tub will suffice. If you’re not ready to make that drastic of a change, replacing your faucet can help make your kitchen more stylish, without spending a lot of money. Choose a bold color or an original form to attract attention. Even just redecorating the sink area can make a major improvement to your space. Try little updates like updating the valance over the window, buying a new soap dispenser or keeping fresh herbs or flowers around.


06. Get organized

Simply clearing out clutter in the in the kitchen can make a big impact on the atmosphere. Some helpful ideas for organizing your kitchen would be to use a Lazy Susan for spices, condiments or sticky items since it’s easy to clean, or create a space to hang aprons, pot holders and dish towels that is near when you need it. Sometimes the pick-me-up you need could be just getting a new set of dishes and tupperware and starting new.

Just a few changes—big or small— can really impact your space and make it merry and bright just in time for the holidays!


*Based on extended shelf life of commonly purchased produce.
**J.D. Power Award Information.
***Among leading brands with stainless steel tub. Among leading brands with sensor based, plastic tub dishwasher.
****Based on results from a leading consumer publication and rating services.




The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.

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