Top 5 ways to stay healthy this summer

July 30, 2019 by Kenmore

Even if the adult version of summer includes pesky details like work and responsibilities, it’s still a pretty great season — filled with things like beach vacations, outdoor parties, and the permission to kick back and relax like it’s, well, summer. 

To stay healthy in the season, however, you’ve got to take care of yourself. We’ve got five tips for making sure you don’t let the heat, allergies, or other seasonal ills keep you from living the fun, healthy summer you deserve.

  1. Stay hydrated

It turns out the oft-repeated claim that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water to avoid dehydration is not exactly accurate, but the idea behind it — ahem, that fluids keep you hydrated — is a sound one, especially as rising summer temperatures tax your body and strip it of H20. 

A smart refrigerator makes it simple for everyone in your family to keep their hydration levels up. Make sure you always have enough ice for water and other frosty beverages by activating your ice maker from anywhere via the Kenmore Smart app. Fill up on filtered water from the easy-to-dispense spout that’s sized just right to refill water bottles for on-the-go-drinking, not to mention your coffee pot (hey, coffee counts as hydration too!). 

Oh, and cut back on the alcohol, as it speeds up dehydration. If you do drink, just make sure to alternate alcoholic drinks with something rehydrating (and low in sugar) like sparkling water.

  1. Breathe easy

Summer allergies are nothing to sneeze at, thanks to pollen from grasses and weeds that proliferate in summer and can have you achoo-ing every time your neighbor mows the lawn or the wind kicks up. There’s more danger lurking in the air for asthma sufferers, including from pollution, which tends to increase on the hottest days of summer. Climate events like forest fires can also send dangerous particulates into the air. 

People with asthma feel the effects of low air quality more than others, but it’s a health issue for everyone. Instead of worrying when pollen counts are high or air quality is low, take action with an air purifier. One of the easiest ways to eliminate the hacking and wheezing associated with an asthma attack is to keep your windows closed and run an air purifier, especially in the bedroom at night. 

In humid parts of the country (or areas of your home, like the basement), take the extra step to make mold a non-issue with a quality dehumidifier that takes the guesswork out of keeping those extra-humid spots dry. Following these few simple steps will prevent allergens, pollution, and mold from messing up your summer.

  1. Stay cool

The temptation to throw open your windows in summer can bring outdoor allergens and pollution inside. Instead, keep your windows closed and stay cool with the help of a smart air conditioner that runs on an app, allowing you to check the temperature virtually and adjust as you wish. The ability to control the temperature when you’re not home will help you save on your electricity bills as well. 

Other easy-to-implement tips to stay cool include exercising or running errands in the coolest times of the day (morning or evening); wearing light, loose cotton clothing during the day; and taking a cool shower or bath before bed or whenever you feel overheated.

  1. Load up on fruits and veggies

Hydration is more than just water. Did you know that fruits and vegetables have a water content? When the heat index rises, turn to a healthy snack that also doubles as a hydration source, like strawberries or watermelon. Keep your fruits and veggies crisp-cool in your AirTight Crisper Bin and enjoy them as a healthy, hydrating snack with or without a healthy dip like hummus or pesto. Avoid foods with lots of salt, which can dehydrate you further.

  1. Connect (in person) with friends and family

Scientists are learning what common sense has always told us: The mind and body are connected and the state of one influences the other. To stay healthy this summer, don’t forget to nurture yourself by investing in your relationships. 

You might connect by meeting up with a friend at the movie theater with the super-charged air-conditioning, making a walking date with a neighbor in the cool part of the day, or catching up with a relative while taking in the latest exhibit at an art museum. These face-to-face activities are perfect for escaping the heat and connecting with others, an important step to keep you connected.

Don’t let summer woes like asthma attacks, allergies, dehydration and overheating ruin your summer fun. Focus on staying healthy and enjoying every minute of your summer to the fullest with the help of hard-working appliances like an air purifier or smart AC and some proactive thinking about everything from hydration to friendships.


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