True Convection Cooking: Why it Matters

January 20, 2024 by Kenmore

true convection cooking

It’s a new year and a healthier you… and if you’ve been thinking about getting a new range to elevate your cooking techniques your support your commitment to better eating, we recommend you find one that offers True Convection oven technology.

Convection cooking is superior to traditional baking in nearly every way. And our latest lineup of Kenmore gas and electric ranges allow you to enjoy all the delicious and time-saving benefits of a True Convection system, anytime you want.

Not All Convection Ovens are Alike

Other brands and manufacturers offer “convection” ovens that feature a fan to circulate air inside the oven cavity. But they are not necessarily True Convection systems… and the difference is significant.

True Convection technology, like the type found in our latest ranges, uses a third heating element that surrounds the fan system inside the oven. This extra element heats the air as it exits the fan, distributing the heated air evenly and consistently to every corner of the oven. The result: more even baking on every rack, faster pre-heating, faster baking and roasting, and mouthwatering results worthy of a professional kitchen.

Say Goodbye to Hot Spots and “Dead Zones”

Does this sound familiar to you? You put three sheets of cookies in your preheated oven, you set the timer, and when it goes off you pull them out… and what the [heck] happened?! Some of your cookies came out scorched to a dark brown, but others are still gloppy, beige and not done nearly enough! What gives?

The reason why is really simple. Conventional ovens typically heat the air inside the oven from below, which rises to the top and then curls back around in a continuous loop. So the hotter air tends to stay in the same zones, super-heating some areas (aka “hot spots”), while leaving “dead zones” in between them that don’t cook as fast.

Kenmore ovens with True Convection solve this problem by continuously circulating that hot air, so it consistently reaches every corner of the oven and bakes evenly on every rack, for perfect results every time.

Save Precious Time

These days, is there anything of greater value to you than the passing minutes and hours of your busy day? True Convection technology saves you valuable time in more than one way, so you can spend less time in your kitchen and more time… being you, doing “you” things!

Firstly, True Convection assists in the speedy pre-heating of the oven cavity, so you’re already saving time before the cooking even begins. And while you’re baking or roasting your favorite foods, you’ll save time again because True Convection systems simply cook faster. Better Homes & Gardens and other respected cooking authorities recommend reducing the cooking time of recipes by 25% if using a convection oven. For example, if the recipe calls for 60 minutes in the oven, they recommend checking food for doneness after 45 minutes.

Day after day, those extra minutes can really add up!

Consistently Delicious Results

Imagine for a moment that you could wave a magic wand, and just like that – every turkey, roast, ham or hen that you’ll ever prepare for family gatherings or holiday events will turn out even better than you’d hoped for. And everyone asks for seconds.

When it comes to mouthwatering results, True Convection is the closest thing you can get to a magic wand. The heated air surrounds roasted meats and poultry, so they come out crisp nicely browned on the outside, but moist, tender and super-flavorful on the inside. Yum!

The Choice of Professionals

Convection ovens are the standard of quality in the kitchens of professional chefs, bakers, caterers and food service providers around the world. The pros know, nothing ensures excellent results as consistently and as quickly as a convection-style oven. The same is true of experienced home chefs where you live.

Our newest Kenmore gas range (#75293) and Kenmore electric range (#95163) are both designed and built with True Convection oven systems to help you create delicious meals in a minimum of time, with a maximum of confidence. Each one offers a wealth of other premium features too, such as Air Fry mode, ultra-fast Turbo Boil®, self-cleaning oven, and five cooktop cooking zones for excellent flexibility.

To learn more about these kitchen MVPs, check out our recent buying guide.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about convection ovens and cooking.

What is True Convection technology?

A convection oven system uses a fan to circulate air throughout the oven cavity, allowing more even heating and cooking. True Convection systems add an extra heating element that surrounds the fan and heats the air exiting the fan, allowing faster preheating and cooking along with consistently even results.

Do convection ovens get hotter than conventional ovens?

No. The oven heat settings on most major brands of range are relatively similar, regardless of oven type. The reason True Convection ovens tend to preheat and cook faster than traditional ovens is due to the circulating air that continuously surrounds foods.

Do I need to adapt my recipes to use a True Convection oven?

True Convection technology tends to cook foods somewhat faster than most conventional ovens do. For that reason, it is generally recommended to check foods for doneness after 75% of the recipe’s cooking time has passed. Alternatively, some sources recommend reducing the baking or roasting temperature by 25 degrees (Fahrenheit).


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