Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: 3 Easy Weeknight Meals

February 17, 2017 by Johanna Cook

Chicken dinners are staples. The problem is, everyone gets bored with the same old chicken, all the time! I wanted to share some great recipes using chicken that is different that the norm, delicious and easy to make.
Rotisserie Chicken Pho
Rotisserie chicken has always and will always be a staple in my house. There are so many ways to turn this delicious store-bought chicken into various meals.

One thing me and my family always crave is pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles, fresh basil, various vegetables all swirled around in a delicious hot broth that has been simmering for hours.

Because we are making great everyday meals, I wanted to make a quick, homemade version of pho using rotisserie chicken that already has so much flavor to help infuse the broth in a shorter amount of time.

Using key ingredients like star anise and fish sauce, this recipe is one that will satisfy your pho craving at home. If you want your broth to slow simmer all day without you being home, try using your Kenmore slow cooker. Set it and come home to house smelling delectable!

Blood Orange Roasted ChickenRoasted chicken is always satisfying, isn’t it?? This recipe is so simple and has such a gorgeous presentation that this would be a great meal for guests as well.

If you don’t have blood oranges, try regular oranges with a mix of lemons and even grapefruit!

Spanish-style Chicken Afritada For a stew with Spanish influence, this Chicken Afritada recipe is actually a traditional Filipino dish served with hot Jasmine rice. To make it easier for the everyday home cook, I used a jar of my favorite marinara sauce and added olives and vegetables for that Spanish flare.

This recipe is delicious for chillier evenings when a big bowl or rice and stew is just what the family needs.

What are your favorite chicken recipes? Share them in the comments below.

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