Working parent? 4 ways smart appliances can lighten your load

September 13, 2019 by Kenmore

Being a parent is one of the most incredible and rewarding jobs in the world, but it doesn’t come without a host of challenges (ahem, understatement). Add to that the work you do at the office, and things get even trickier. 

Between juggling practices and lessons plus conferences and meetings, it can seem impossible to navigate running a household on top of a boardroom or business. 

Luckily, Kenmore smart appliances are here to save (at least some of) the day. There are many reasons why smart appliances make your life easier (hello, lower utility bills!), but for working parents, they’re infinitely more important. 

Here are four ways that smart appliances can make even the busiest working parent’s life easier. 

Connected appliances do the heavy lifting

Let’s face it, as a working parent, your hands are always full and you’re generally on the go. Which is why linking your smart appliance to another device, like Alexa, can save you a ton of time. 

Simply link your smart appliances with the app by connecting to your in-home WiFi, downloading the app (available to both iPhone and Android users), and linking it to your smart appliances. 

There’s nothing to program, and scanning the QR codes on the appliances makes registering and using them a breeze. Depending on the appliance, the scannable code is generally located on the underside of the lid or inside the door.

As soon as you scan the codes, all of your appliance’s info is saved in the app and you’re ready to roll. Check out this guide complete with videos that take you step-by-step through the easy process.

Once you’re linked up, you can ask Alexa how much time is left on your wash cycle, tell her to turn down the temperature on the air conditioner, or even ask her to start the dryer. Trust us, it’s a lot more efficient than asking your husband or kid. Plus, she doesn’t talk back and you only have to ask her once. 

Control your household remotely

As nice as it is to be able to ask Alexa to be your domestic partner in crime, the reality is that more often than not you’re not even home when you need her. But that’s the beauty of the smart app. 

Whether you’re in the stands watching your daughter’s ball game or taking a quick break from that expense report, you’re able to keep your house running from afar. Take the laundry, for example. You can start or pause your wash, choose the cycle, monitor the remaining time and receive alerts when the load is finished — right from your phone.

When you do finally make it home, your clothes won’t be musty or wrinkled, and you won’t need to re-run the cycle. There’s even a Stay Fresh option on your washer, which periodically tumbles the wash load to keep clothes smelling great and unwrinkled until you actually have the time to get to them. 

Spend less time shopping

Finding extra time to get to the store, especially with kids in tow, can feel like the ultimate feat. With smart appliances, you can worry a little bit less about making it to the store. 

With Amazon Dash Replenishment, your connected smart appliances monitor the product levels in the connected devices and automatically reorders them before you even know you’re almost out. It’s like a real-life mind-reading machine! 

You can activate the service through the Kenmore Smart App using your Amazon account, then just select the laundry detergent, dryer sheets and dishwasher pods you want to automatically reorder. Just like magic, they’ll arrive at your front door — right when you need them.

Less time keeping up with household chores means more time spent on what really matters, like your kids. We call that a win-win.

An extra set of eyes and ears

Your kids are obviously valued members of your household, however, until they contribute to paying utilities, what you say goes. Especially when it comes to your appliances. Worried about the little ones cranking the thermostat or monkeying around with the fridge? Fear not. The smart appliances have your back, even when you’re not there. 

If there are any changes in the fridge (like rising temps), or the door is left open, you’ll be alerted on your smart phone. Being able to regulate your fridge’s temperature remotely helps food stay fresher longer, which means less food wasted and fewer trips to the store — a money and time saver. 

Being the boss of your home and business can be challenging, but Kenmore smart appliances can help alleviate some of the stress. Whether you want to cool the house without running up your utility bill, keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer, or knock out the laundry on your timeline, smart appliances can step in to make life a little easier.


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