Do you know what I love about the holidays? GIFTS. Do you know what I dread about the holidays? GIFTS.

Every year, I drive myself completely insane running around shopping malls, browsing the internet for hours and stressing out over what gifts to give to show how much we care for the people me and my family love. By the time Christmas rolls around, we end up with stacks of boxes filled with completely unnecessary, forgettable items underneath the tree. And usually the good gifts are too expensive!

A couple of years ago, I started making homemade food gifts and this year my kids and I will do it again. Food gifts are sweet because they are handmade, thoughtful because the person you’re giving it for knows that you put some effort into making it and packaging it and useful because food is consumed.

Here are Momma Cuisine’s tips and ideas on what to make for your holiday food gifts.

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Dollar Store – The local dollar store is a great place to find glass mason jars, ribbons, tags, raffia, clear bags and so many accessories you will need to make your holiday food gifts.

Make It Simple – What making holiday food gifts, don’t try to outdo yourself. If you’re making it with your kids, remember that the kids will have a blast making these for their loved ones. And if you’re making it alone, you can get gourmet without biting off more than you can chew.

Search Recipes – We all love searching Pinterest or for recipe ideas. You don’t have to be a cooking genius to make food gifts. Take recipes and get the list of ingredients you can package on your own.

Get Ideas from Grocery Stores – On your next grocery shopping trip, check the premade foods section and the specialty holiday food isles and you may just get your great holiday food gift idea.


Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix with Bacon Maple Syrup – Package each separately and place in a basket or gift bag.

Green Tea Loaf Cake – Mini loaves mean you can bake once and then give to multiple recipients.

Holiday Granola – They’ll think of you every time they eat breakfast.

Herb Infused Olive Oil – Bring a little spice to their life.

Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar – No recipe needed. Take a vanilla bean pod, slice in half, scrape the beans and place in mason jar. Fill jar with granulated sugar.

Slow Cooker Herb Wild Rice (link to ) – print recipe and fill basket with all ingredients. Substitute fresh mushrooms with dried and omit fresh carrots, onions and garlic from your package.

What food gifts have you made before?