10 Tips for Getting (And Keeping) Your Kitchen Organized

April 20, 2015 by Johanna Cook

10 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Spring is here and we are all itching to organize and refresh our spaces. I always love starting in the kitchen with my spring cleaning as it sets the tone for the whole house. Here are some of my simple tips to get your kitchen space organized.



1.  Reuse large glass jars (marinara sauce jars, etc.) to store dry ingredients like rice, beans, quinoa, lentils and more.

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2.  Keep your most used refrigerated condiments and sauces for cooking in your Grab-N-Go for ease of reach while whipping up meals. You’ll also save energy by not opening the main refrigerator doors.

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3.  Keep your fruits and vegetables in the fridge drawers to keep them cold. When you’re ready to juice them, you instantly have cold juice!

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4.  Keep your favorite small kitchen appliances like your blender and toaster in cabinets close to outlets. This convenient storage method will allow you to easily take them out, use them, and put them away on a daily basis.

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5.  Use an extra utensil organizer in your drawers to organize longer cooking tools such as measuring spoons, chopsticks, and other odds and ends.

6.  If you have extra storage/cabinets over your fridge, use it to keep table linens, kitchen towels, and platters for special occasions. Keeping kitchen towels handy in the kitchen is a must!

7.  If you have small kids, use take out containers to store small toys and crayons. Kids love hanging out with mom in the kitchen.

8.  If you have a budget to re-do drawers or cabinets, install Lazy Susans for condiments and cooking oils, pull out drawers for easier reach of baking sheets, pot and pans and storage containers.


9.  Scan the pantry and freezer and start to cook and create recipes with those pantry ingredients and restock for a fresh season!

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10.  If you have glass front cabinets, don’t be afraid to showcase your pretty small appliances in them.

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