12 Tips for Better Food Photography

May 6, 2015 by Kenmore

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It’s a known fact: we all love to take pictures and show off our food. We’d like to pass along a few tips from the pros so that anyone can be a great food photographer. Take notes as Kenmore Executive Chef, Kari Karch @ChiChef and Samantha Roby, of the popular Instagram account @ChicagoFoodAuthority, walk you through some of their best tips for beautiful food photography.

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1. Use small dishes to make food appear larger:

Using the right plating techniques can make food look bigger or smaller depending on what your goal is. Turn that cherry tomato into a robust garden tomato with the right plate to skew the eye’s understanding of size.

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2. Keep your garnishes fresh:

Certain garnishes can be very delicate and due to that, air or time can have a negative affect on their aesthetic. To keep your garnishes looking fresh and crisp, simply let them sit in ice water to keep leafy ingredients from wilting.

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3. Show your recipe’s steps:

Use ingredient shots to let a viewer’s mind develop your dish’s taste profile before you begin to cook.

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4. Use food coloring:

While some foods taste bright and robust, they may not always come across that way to the eye. In those cases, bring out bold color with a dash of food coloring to help bring ingredients to life.

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5. Highlight the best angle:

The way that you view a dish can make an incredible difference. By scouting several angles to approach your dish before shooting, you can take factors like texture and height into consideration.

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6. Edit your photos:

Pulling out highlights or shadows in a dish can allow your food to appear more tonally dense and rich in flavor. The eye is keen to contrast, so while you’re pleasing your taste buds, please your eyes.

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7. Brush on oil:

With many items like berries, a light brush of oil allows the ingredient to shine just enough to stand out. Paired with a good light source, an ingredient that would typically seem visually dull will now shine like a diamond.

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 8. Show ingredients to tell a story:

Cooking is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. Let them read through your meal like a delicious story by presenting the ingredients in a way that frames the ingredients as an edible journey.

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9. Place food with tweezers:

As good as you may be with your hands, some ingredients are either too small to precisely place them by hand. Utilize a tweezers to place small bits around a dish for fine-tuned plating.

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10. Make the most of your materials:

Use elements like backgrounds or plates to help bring out textures and colors in a dish.

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11. Add condensation to a glass:

For quick condensation, lightly spray the glass with a spray bottle to show the drink as refreshing and palatable.

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12. Keep the dish as the focus:

While you may want to set elaborate backgrounds or use numerous accessories, remember to keep the dish as the focus of the picture.

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Food Photography Contest:

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