5 Easy Steps to Prep Your Grill for the Season

April 28, 2023 by Kenmore

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Nothing says summer is near like firing up the grill. And, unless you’re one of those die-hard, year-round grillers, you probably haven’t touched your grill since at least September. Before you start flipping burgers and laying down the baby back ribs, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prep your grill for use.

1. Do a Grill Checkup

Take a close look and make sure everything is in proper working order. Examine hoses for any cracks or damage, and replace if needed. Inspect burners and gas tubes to make sure they’re not worn out, rusted or blocked. Replace if needed or use a pipe cleaner to clear them out.

2. Give a Deep Clean

Despite what you may have heard, charred coating on a grate doesn’t add any flavor; it’s just dirt. And any black flakes are likely to be residue, as well as a fire risk.

First, you’ll need to dry-scrub crud from the grates, burners and inside surfaces with a non-scratch sponge or tool. Then wash with dish soap and water, rinse well and dry. Any removable part can soak in a similar dish soap and water mixture and scrubbed.

Once everything has been put back together, make sure all hoses and components are correctly reconnected and fire up the grill. After, close the lid and let the grill burn for 10 to 15 minutes to burn off any potential cleaning-chemical residue.

3. Check the Tray

Make sure the grease tray is clean and clear of any food particles. Replace foil drip pans to help prevent grease fires and flare ups. If you want an easy cleanup for next year, line your grease tray with aluminum foil before putting it back.

4. Go for a Test Run

Do a gas check and light it up to make sure all the burners are working and there are no leaks. Then check your propane tank gas levels and see if you need a refill.

5. Upgrade 

Of course, if your grill isn’t working like it should or is worn out beyond clean-up, the easiest thing to do is upgrade! Check out our newest grills, with features for every grillmaster and functions for every grill gathering. Not sure which one to choose? Use the Grill Finder to see what’s right for you.

Happy grilling season! 


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