5 Must-Have Features for a Better Laundry Day

May 20, 2015 by Kenmore


Warm towels, soft shirts, clean sheets —  there’s nothing better than fabrics fresh from the laundry. And now, with the help of a few features on our newest top-load laundry pair lineup, you can feel just as warm and fuzzy about the laundry day that makes it all happen!

You know what they say about sharing the wealth, so we’ve highlighted our absolute go-to features on our new top-load laundry washers and dryers that we know will make your laundry day seem like a laundry minute.

Just drop your clothes in and let our machines worry about the dirty work with these highly efficient and time-saving features:

1. Improved Capacity

Your bulky items like comforters, pillows, down coats, dog beds and more are no big deal. With washer capacities up to 5.3 cu. ft., and dryer capacities up to 8.8 cu. ft., your laundry day will be done in no time.

2. Triple Action Impeller

Make room for bulkier items in your washer, save hundreds of dollars a year on water and energy and receive a gentle, thorough cleaning for your fabrics— what more could you ask for on laundry day? This exclusive impeller design even improves cleaning with three wash actions, including 9 spray jets that attack soils from every direction. And best of all? No one cleans better in its class.*

3. SteamTreat® Option

photo credit: Birchbox

photo credit: Birchbox

No more crying over brunch-time disasters and definitely no more pretreating those stubborn messes. This washer option has been tested to clean everyday stains like syrup, coffee and juice.

4. Accela Soak™ Technology

Do those deep down soils and sports jerseys have you elbow deep in the soaking tub? No more! This feature reaches soils fast with a concentrated cleaning mix to thoroughly saturate the load for deep cleaning power. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

5. Steam Refresh™ Cycle

Put down the iron and read these four words — ready-to-wear clothes! In just 20 minutes, this dryer cycle reduces wrinkles and minimizes odors so you can refresh your outfit and be on the go.

Check out the rest of our impressive top-load features here and see why these pairs should be your new laundry day must-have.

*Among leading brands top loading washers 4.0 – 4.4 cu. ft. Based on AHAM cleaning score using 8 lb. load on normal cycle with default setting [25132]. Among leading brands top loading washers 4.5 – 4.9 cu. ft. Based on AHAM cleaning score using 8 lb. load on normal cycle with default setting [26132, 27132]. Among leading brands 27” top loading washers 5.0 cu. ft. and greater. Based on AHAM cleaning score using 8 lb. load on normal cycle with default setting [28132/3, 29132/3].


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