5 Ways to Make Mornings More Efficient

January 26, 2017 by Jason Loper

Whether it’s a manic Monday or a festive Friday, a rough and rushed morning can ruin an entire day. If you find yourself feeling frazzled before you’ve even started your day, it might be time to make a new routine. With a little prep work the night before, mornings can feel less like frustrating tests in patience and more like fresh starts to new days.

5 Ways to Make Mornings More Efficient

Make a List: One way to make your morning smoother is to plan out your entire day. By making a list of the next day’s appointments, you can be sure you’ve gathered everything you need. Going to the gym after work? Pack your bag the night before. Need to drop the kids at practice before heading to your book group? Put the gear in the car and put your book in your bag. Packing up the night before will help prevent a last minute scramble that can send your morning into a tailspin.

Make ahead breakfasts: They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure you’ll get a healthy start to the day with a prepared breakfast that you can grab and go. Whether it’s oatmeal prepped in a slow cooker, hearty on-the-go breakfast scones or even a smoothie that’s blended the night before, having a pre-made breakfast will help you start the day out right. You can even use an egg form or cookie cutter (pictured above) to pre-make eggs that can be popped in the microwave and stuffed between two pieces of toast.

Pre-plan your wardrobe: We’ve all had that fashion emergency that resulted in spending the day in a wrinkled outfit that didn’t quite go together. Before you go to bed, take a moment to pull together your outfit for the next day. In addition to selecting the clothes, take the time to iron any wrinkled pieces. Even on those mornings when you’re not feeling your best, you’ll guarantee looking your best.

Prep your lunch: Whether it’s dinner leftovers or your standard turkey sandwich, making lunch the night before means that it’s a matter of simply grabbing your brown bag before you walk out the door. Prepping your lunch will also help you avoid fast food and other unhealthy lunchtime temptations.

Get the whole family involved: Of course, nothing can nix plans for stress-free mornings faster than a family. Consider using a half hour before bedtime to get kids involved in planning the morning routine. The family that plans together get out the door on time together.

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Jason Loper

Jason Loper is a self-professed doyen of the domestic arts. In other words, he hasn’t met a household project he hasn’t enjoyed tackling. His latest project is renovating a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed American System-Built Home in Iowa.