6 Things to Do Now to Prep Your Home for Winter

September 14, 2015 by Kenmore


School is back is session, the temperatures are starting to drop and the days are getting shorter. You know what the means? Winter is right around the corner. Start getting your home prepped for winter now by running through this checklist of task. By the time the first snowflake falls, you’ll be ready to kick back with a cup of hot cocoa.

Remove window air conditioners: To keep your air conditioner running at peak performance year after year it’s best to remove it from the window and store it in a dry place like a basement or garage. Always store air conditioners flat on their bottoms. Never store them tipped on their backs, which can cause damage to the unit.

Replace storm windows: Many older homes have storm windows that can be removed in the summer months and replaced for colder weather. Set aside the time on a fall weekend to clean and replace the storm windows before the temperatures really start to drop.

Clean window coverings: Speaking of windows, when was the last time you washed the curtains or cleaned the mini blinds? Yeah, they’re easy to overlook but they do collect dirt, dust and household odors. Follow label instructions for laundering curtains. Mini blinds can be cleaned in the bathtub following this advice from Imperfect Homemaking.

Shampoo carpets: No matter how many times you vacuum your carpets, they’re still going to need a yearly shampooing to keep them looking like new. It’s best to shampoo carpets when the weather is warm enough to allow you to open windows. Check out the line of Kenmore floor care products to avoid renting a bulky machine at the hardware store.

Service your ductwork: You’ll soon be cranking up the thermostat and relying on the heat the flows through the ductwork and out the vents. Dust and allergens can collect in the heat ducts so it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned once per year.

Store your gas grill: The end of grilling season is a perfect time to clean up your gas grill before you stow it away for winter. Follow the tips on this post and then cover the grill or move it into a garage or shed.

What are your plans for prepping your home for winter weather? Share your tips in the comments below.


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