7 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

December 28, 2015 by Kenmore

Get ready to start the new year fresh and tinsel-free with helpful tips for storing away your holiday decorations. You’ll thank yourself next year when you’re bringing out untangled lights and unbroken ornaments like a pro.

Declutter — There’s no need to hold on to three of the same decoration or that tattered tree rug. Take your extra coffee mugs, ornaments, sweaters and other nonreturnable gifts to a donation center, and toss out what can’t be saved.

Make a list — Save your holiday cards in a ziplock plastic bag for protection, and label the bag with the current year as a reminder of who you should add to your mailing list for next year’s holiday.

Grab the tissues — For extra protection against breakage, wrap ornaments in tissue paper. You can even use newspaper or advertising fliers from the mail.

Divide and conquer — You’ll need a place for all those snugly wrapped ornaments! Consider buying an ornament organizer with plenty of dividers, or create your own with plastic cups and a plastic container. 

Bright idea — Pick up a holiday storage light reel from your local home supply store to wrap your lights around. You can also use an empty coffee can for an easy DIY roll; just make a slit in the lid to secure the receptacle end of the light cord, and wrap the lights around the can. You can also use any spare coat hangers to do the same thing. Extra tip: store any colored lights in a dark place to keep the bulbs from fading. 

That’s a wrap — Repurpose leftover cardboard from presents to wrap your garland around. Use it to create layers between ornament storage for added protection from breakage.

Get fresh — Give guest bed linen, table runners, towels and other decorative holiday fabrics a final wash before stowing them away. Steam features on our washers and dryers will keep fabrics clean and fresh for the next time they need to be used. To keep fabrics smelling fresh for longer, place a dryer sheet in the containers or bed bags.


Image credit: retailmenot.com 


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