A New Year, a Healthier You: Resolutions You Can Keep in 2024

January 8, 2024 by Kenmore

healthier resolutions

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As we ring in the new year, many of us are offering up our resolutions and self-promises to ensure that 2024 will be our best year yet. And for many people, these New Year’s resolutions center around self-improvement of one kind or another…

✅ Healthier lifestyle, with a focus on wellness and a cleaner home environment

✅ Personal fitness with regular exercise and a healthier diet

✅ Intent to embrace the small pleasures of life, enjoying fresh air in the great outdoors

✅ Taking a pause each day to relax and refresh ourselves in a healthy way

No matter how you’ve resolved to make this new year all it can be, we at Kenmore are here to celebrate it. It’s a new year, and a healthier you. And it starts right now!

Not Just a Slogan

At the risk of sounding just a little cringey, we really mean it when we say, “new year, healthier you”. We truly want you to succeed! We want to offer ways to help you and the people closest to you live your very best lives throughout this new year and beyond. Like you, we have families we’re trying to raise, and we have the usual daily stresses and challenges to maintaining a healthy and sustainable life-balance.

In short, we get it. And we’re behind you every step of the way!

That’s why, in the coming days and weeks, we plan to introduce you to some new ideas, new recipes, and some of our favorite new products that can improve your quality of life, enhance your wellness, and boost your enjoyment every day.

Pure Air and Water

clean water

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Nothing can be more fundamental to living a better life than embracing the benefits of pure indoor air and quality water. Stay tuned to Livemore® for an in-depth look at our 1500e Air Purifier with SilentClean™ HEPA technology, which removes 99.97% of dust and particles from your indoor environment, down to 0.3 microns in size.

We’ll also explore the remarkable Kenmore Elite Hybrid Water Softener & Whole-Home Filter, which softens hard water while removing contaminants and unwanted taste and odor from your home’s water supply.

Cleanliness That’s Next to Effortless

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If routine cleaning was easy, we’d all live in spotless homes. Right? Well, guess what… we have a few great ways to stay on top of your cleaning game without even breaking a sweat.

In an upcoming Livemore story, you’ll get to meet the Kenmore SteamLite™ 2-in-1 Steam Mop, an innovative and easy-to-use tool for tackling your tough cleaning challenges. You’ll also get a chance to discover Kenmore’s new FeatherLite™ Bagless Upright Vacuum. It includes our exclusive Hair Eliminator feature, plus our remarkable new Digital Steam Iron with pro-quality power and steam control.

Healthier (and Yummier) Eating

stir fry healthier eating

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Your “healthy diet” resolutions don’t have to mean “boring eating” anymore! We’ll introduce you to some delightfully flavor-forward recipes (that just happen to be good for you) in one of our upcoming stories. We’ll also explore a few of our favorite Kenmore kitchen companions that make healthier cooking and eating a snap, including…

NEW Kenmore Countertop Air Fryer

NEW Kenmore Vacuum Sealer Set

Kenmore Hammond Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok

Kenmore Devon 5-piece Multi-Steamer Set

A Pause That Refreshes

Immersion Blender

We would all love a chance to stop, smell the roses and refresh ourselves at some point during our busy day, right? But with these handy Kenmore gadgets, we think you’ll actually make the time to take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable, and chill out.

Our sleek, new Cool Touch Digital Electric Kettle and our old-school stovetop Broadway Tea Kettle make it easy to enjoy a nice, relaxing cup of tea… or any other warm beverage of your choice. And the powerful new Kenmore 400W Immersion Blender makes quick work of blending healthy, delicious smoothies, anytime you want.

More Outdoor Time, More Fresh Air

Electric Tripod Outdoor Heater

If you wish you could enjoy your home’s outdoor space a little more during these colder months, you’re not alone. We’re all getting a little cabin fever! But with the Kenmore 1500W Tripod Electric Heater, you can easily turn your outdoor living space into an oasis of wintertime warmth. And more outdoor time means more fresh air!

Also, while you’re out there… you might as well light up your Kenmore grill and cook up something delicious. Our lineup of convenient grill accessories includes a Dual Patty Maker for crafting perfect burgers, every time. And our Instant Read Meat Thermometer ensures that everything is cooked to the correct temperature to avoid food-borne pathogens.

More of What Matters

For over 110 years, Kenmore has made a difference in improving the quality of life of American families. It’s a legacy we’re very proud of, and we have every intention of furthering that tradition in the future.

As time marches on, what it means to enjoy a better quality of life continues to evolve and grow. We’re here to grow right along with it. Performance, convenience and ease-of-use are still top priorities for us… but so are efficiency, sustainability, and your peace of mind.

We welcome 2024 with open arms. And we can’t wait to show you More of What Matters in the new year!

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