A Phone Call From Mom

February 23, 2012 by Kenmore

Mom has been calling me on a daily basis for quite a while now.

I don’t remember when it started but it has never really bothered me until recently. In full disclosure, her phone calls are usually blessings and well wishes which last less than a minute. I didn’t mind the calls so much since mom always gave us a hug or kiss in the cheek before sending us off to school when we were younger. Her daily calls had become somewhat of a substitute for our school-days exchange.

However a month ago, I told her that her daily calls made me feel like she did not trust that I was making the right decisions. The call ended amicably and we settled on having a call every three days. One day later, I felt so awful that I called her and apologized. I understood all mom wanted to do was hear my voice. In mom’s eyes, I still think she sees me as her small boy.

Mom is not part of any online social networks and we only see each other around the big holidays. She has recently embraced text messaging but she always tells us she prefers to her our voices.

Her calls weren’t a question on my decision-making it was just her being mom.


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