BBQ Tofu Sliders

June 29, 2014 by BenVaughn

Marinated firm Tofu with Reser’s BBQ baked beans adds a unique and delicious punch to these perfectly balanced sliders. With crispy slaw, sriracha mayo and brioche buns you wont be able to resist this low calorie sandwich


preparation time
10 mins

cook time




1 firm tofu one block sliced 1/4 and dry

1 cup Reser's BBQ beans

2 tablespoons Just Mayo Sriracha Mayo

1 Fresh Peach Sliced

2 cup coleslaw dry - undressed

3 tablespoons parmesan lemon vinaigrette (recipe follows)

6 Toasted Mini Buns



1.) Dry the tofu with paper towels then slice 1/4 inch thick 2.) Puree in your Kenmore food processor Reser's BBQ Beans 3.) In a separate bowl dredge the tofu slices in the bean puree until fully coated. 4.) In a small bowl, combine the raw cabbage slaw with the vinaigrette 5.) Remove the pit from the peach and slice, reserve for building the sandwich 6.) Pre-heat your range and skillet to medium high 7.) In a dry pan, carefully lower the bean coated tofu 8.) Sear on medium high, to high heat until both sides are almost charred and caramelized from the sugary beans. 9.) Warm the slider buns To Build: Open the slider bun and smear a little "just mayo" on each side Lay sliced peaches on one side of the bun Cabbage Slaw on the opposite side Top the peaches with one hefty slab of seared tofu Close the sandwich, and use picks to keep together This is a delicious alternative to standard sliders, with the kick of BBQ this low calorie slider is perfect to satisfy any guests. Note: Reser's BBQ beans are prepared with a bacon product. This is not a vegetarian options. However there are multiple baked beans available at your grocer prepared without animal products. If you run into a snag, add vegetarian baked beans and a slash of BBQ sauce to the Tofu marinade. The beans allow is tofu to stand up and pretend like it''s meat. Grilling Tips: The BBQ bean Tofu Sliders are also well designed for the grill. Try them outside with family and friends, or at picnics. Make sure and lightly brush the grill grates prior to added the marinated firm tofu, will help prevent the sugars from sticking.


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