Best Back-to-School Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

September 7, 2016 by Kenmore


Organizing your fridge to fit back-to-school lunches and snacks, along with your normal groceries, doesn’t have to be a magic trick. Use these tips below to maximize your space, save some time and easily get back into the school year groove.

Organize fresh produce & crisper drawers
Utilize one drawer, separate from your normal produce, for fruits and veggies that are already washed and prepped for snacks or lunches. This will make packing lunches or grabbing healthy snacks easy for kids and adults alike. Don’t worry about keeping them fresh — Multi Air Flow Technology works hard to keep even the most delicate foods fresher, longer.

Store lunch meats, cheeses and snacks together
Having your main lunch items all in one spot will save you so much time when it comes to packing. Our external CustomChill™ Drawer can give you extra storage space for deli meats and snacks, with a variable temperature control feature that you can adjust based on the foods you store. Plus, you can open up just this drawer, without having to open up the entire fridge.

Keep ice packs ready to go
Whether you’re freezing juice boxes for a 2-in-1 job or have a trusty ice pack for your child’s lunch bag, dedicate a freezer bin or drawer to store these items for easy access. No one wants to dig through the freezer early in the morning when there are busses to catch!

Organize fridge & freezer into zones
A label maker may come in handy. Section off and label different drawers or shelves for back to school lunches and snacks or weeknight dinners. Customize your fridge space even more by adding storage baskets to existing fridge bins to keep loose snacks organized and out of the way. Of course, flexible storage options like adjustable Slide-Away shelves, full-width pantry drawers and larger capacities go a long way towards creating an organized space.

Make your list and check it twice
Stick a magnetic organizer and paper pad on the front of the refrigerator door to hold pens and write down when you’re out of a certain snack or lunch favorite. When it’s time to go grocery shopping, all you have to do is take the sheet of paper with you!


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