Big Changes to Make in 2016

January 18, 2016 by Kenmore


If you’re still feeling that “new year, new you” vibe but not sure where to direct your ambitions, here are a few big ideas to spark that major change you’ve been looking for.

Get a new ’do — I know, a haircut doesn’t seem like such a high-stakes decision — at first. But think about it for a minute. It’s the first big, physical change you can make to welcome the new year. A new hairdo is like a new identity. You can trim it, dye it or style it to create a completely new attitude. And just remember, if you don’t like it, it can always grow back.

Upgrade your ride — It’s time to retire your car with over 200,000 miles on it. And the car that you keep putting money into every time a new piece breaks. And the car that is getting a bit too cramped for your ever-growing family. And definitely the car you’ve been driving around since high school. Upgrade to a car that’s safer and more reliable and with a whole lot more style —  one that has all the features you need and the power to do more. It also wouldn’t hurt if you could get this car for free. Enter this sweeps for a chance to win a new 2016 Volvo XC60 Premier Trim T5 Drive-E FWD SUV. All roads. All weather. It’s a car you can depend on with Blind Spot radars, cross traffic alert, pedestrian and cyclist detection, headlight washer and more. It even has Advanced Stability Control that detects skids at an early stage, and compensates with greater precision. The XC60 is ready with all-wheel drive to give you extra confidence when you need it — brought to you by Shop Your Way®.

Try a new activity or hobby — Maybe you’re getting tired of the same activities all the time or you’re looking to expand your horizons and try a new adventure. Stop getting creative about excuses and start getting creative about finding your passion. Our top new hobby pick: adult coloring books. Not just for kids anymore, this simple and enjoyable activity is known to help with relaxation, exercising fine motor skills, as well as training your brain to focus. A few of these coloring books have even made it on to The New York Times Best Seller lists. Maybe coloring isn’t for you, but you’re still really feeling the crafty lifestyle. Our resident blogger, Amy Clark, has quite a few easy and fun crafts for you to try out. Our top picks:

Trophy Wine Toppers
Paint-Dipped Spoons
Terrarium Garden
Yarn-Wrapped Letters
Family-Friendly Bar Cart


Get serious about cooking — Speaking of trying a new hobby, if one of your resolutions is to eat better, think about your health or save money, getting serious about cooking is the answer. Learn how to create your favorite take-out dishes from scratch and customize them to exactly what you want (with no extra charge)! Be in control of the ingredients you use and the sodium or calories going in; take time to figure out just what flavors you enjoy and how to bring them out in your dishes. You’ll save a ton of money on not going out to eat all the time, and you can even share your new creations with friends and family during holidays and dinner parties or wow them with impressive potluck dishes. Make this into a lifestyle change and invest in the tools that will make it easiest. Our new Kenmore PRO® appliances help put you in control of the show and work with you to make sure that every ingredient stays fresh and that every meal is cooked the way you want; they can even help you clean up so every dish comes out sparkling. What are you waiting for? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and show off your skills.

Plan a trip to somewhere big — Forget the yearly trip to Florida. Pick a city or a coast that you’ve never been to before and start exploring. Go camping in a national park. Take a road trip through the desert. Or if you’re tight on cash, explore your own backyard and make a visit to your state capitol and various cities. If you really want to “go big,” think outside of U.S. borders. Pick a place that you know is something completely different from what you’ve experienced before — maybe even a place that scares you. You can spend the time leading up to the trip saving money for it, learning about the culture and picking up a few phrases to help you get around. Places on our must-see list: Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Japan, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Tanzania, Croatia, Taiwan and Zimbabwe.

Image Credits: Emaze, Volvo


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