Bring English Design Home

July 1, 2011 by Kenmore

Put the emphasis on casual elegance with the English country look. The style focuses on a level of comfort and luxury that’s layered and relaxed without being fussy.

Get the look

Use saturated paint colors on the walls the way the English do. Try a true red, buttery yellow or mossy green. The same is true of wallpaper– the more pattern, the better. Try bold stripes, floral designs and equestrian-themed paper.

Speaking of horses, the English are mad about them. Add the equestrian look with horse-themed placemats, dinnerware and decorative accessories.

Fill your home with flowers – chintz flowers, that is. Chintz is once again popular. There are many patterns and styles to choose from in every possible color. Or, try black and white chintz for a crisper, more contemporary edge.

Mix antique or reproduction 18th or 19th century furniture with your existing pieces. Strive for an eclectic look.

Use jute or sea-grass rugs in hallways and living rooms as the English do. You’ll instantly turn your living room into a drawing room.

Hang curtains over windows. The English like to close them at night to keep a room cozy and warm. Just make sure never to call curtains “drapes” – the English never would.

Hang pictures in groups of five or six. Curate your own collection and include vintage botanical and hunting prints.

Try a tartan (plaid) blanket at the foot of your bed, or casually hang it over the back of a cozy chair.


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