Create Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns

September 26, 2011 by Kenmore

Add sparkle and atmosphere to an outdoor ceremony or just add charming ambiance to your walkways, gardens or patio.

  1. Collect mason jars or recycled clear jars from flea markets, garage sales and antique stores.
  2. Get a spool of thin copper or steel wire that’s bendable. One piece needs to be measured to make the lantern handle & another piece will make a loop/handle that goes around top of lantern.
  3. To measure, wrap the first piece of wire around the mouth of the jar, then add 3-4 inches to the length of the wire and cut the wire. Take one end of the wire, wrap it around a pen or pencil to form a unified loop, then wrap that end of the loop wire around itself to close the loop.
  4. Now place the loop on one side of your jar and pull the excess wire half way around the jar so it ends exactly opposite your first loop. Make a reference point (bend the wire) as this is where you need to make your second loop for the handle. Make your second loop like you made the first loop.
  5. Place the wire around the glass jar and secure the end of the wire by twisting it around the first loop you made. Cut off any excess wire.
  6. To make the handle, cut a piece of wire to desired length and loop each end of the wire through the loops on the jar and twist wire on each end to secure.
  7. Next add a small amount of white sand inside the jar to help secure the tea light. Add a tea light or small candle, depending on size of jar, to complete your lantern.


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