Create Personal, Chic and Enduring Home Decor

January 13, 2010 by Kenmore

In Part One, I shared with you my favorite tips for transferring your personal style to your home. Now, in Part Two, we’ll get into merging styles, designing with limits and developing an enduring design. And I’ll share how I create my own personal style.

Merging Styles

One of the biggest challenges people face is how to merge two different styles in one space. Whether it’s a newlywed couple or a pair of roommates, combining different furniture and fabrics can be tough. Review everything you both have and group pieces that have similar tones and textures together. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use everything. In fact, consider rotating pieces in when you get bored with your current design.

Designing with Limits

If you have limited funds for decor, take a cue from the pros and invest in pieces that will have the biggest impact and see the most use. If you have a large statement table, the vases and centerpieces can stand to be cheaper and more ordinary. Try finding accent pieces at antique stores where you can negotiate on price. If you have limited space, be sure to select items that are multifunctional.

Enduring Design

Keep your choices timeless and classic if you don’t want to change your home in the coming years. A neutral color palette will always withstand the test of time. A neutral color palette will always withstand the test of time. An Oriental rug will be fabulous today and twenty years from now. Stainless steel appliances are a confident choice for any kitchen.

Display Your History

Be sure that family heirlooms and antiques are proudly displayed and aren’t hidden by clutter. Intersperse knick-knacks or other small items throughout your china cabinet for a fresh way to display them. Frame your kids’ artwork in groups around the home. It’s fun to watch their artistic skills develop, and becomes an instant scrapbook of their early years. Dust off your old record collection and choose some of your favorites. Frame the albums and display them on one wall of a smaller room. The varying images in same sizes will make a bold art impact. Save tickets, playbills and wine labels from special nights and display them in a shadow box.

What’s My Style?

I’ll end this Two Part Series by telling you that I’m a mixer. I love to start with the classics, but then add punches of color or new looks to my old favorites. These new twists change along with the latest home fashions in today’s modern world. Watching and learning from the latest trends keep things interesting, fun and challenging for me.

What are your styles? How have you merged your personality with your home design?


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