Enduring Design Trends for Kitchen and Bath

November 27, 2009 by Kenmore

As a designer, it’s my job to stay up on trends so I can help clients make good design decisions. Although I have my own favorites, I want to be able to recommend the latest products and cutting-edge design ideas.

Here are the most enduring trends that my fellow designers and I have been seeing in the marketplace.

Family storage

Cabinet manufacturers are creating storage solutions that work for both parents and kids. Highlights include pullout craft centers, toy and game storage and built-in play stations that keep kids entertained and out of kitchen traffic while within sight.

Power up

Increased appliance power and the trend to induction cooking are still big. Induction cooking heats foods faster, eliminating the time spent waiting for target temperature or for water to boil.

Stay connected

Flat screens still pop up in unexpected places. I’m seeing them installed behind mirrors, in range hoods and under cabinets.

Sink trends

Kitchen faucets and fixtures are showing lots of European design inspiration. Restaurant-style faucets with telescoping gooseneck heads are available in a wide range of styles. Deep sinks make it easy to fill oversized pots.

New looks

I’m seeing more cabinets with lacquer-like finishes and innovative storage solutions: pullout baseboards, revolving pantries, cutting boards and self-closing drawers.

Bold color

Color is always in! Kenmore, for example, incorporates hot colors from the design and fashion world so homeowners can bring trend-right tones to unexpected areas of the home.

Brass is back

Nickel and stainless steel are still highly popular finishes, but brass endures in hardware and trim. Updated versions have matte and antiqued finishes.

Green is here to stay

The design industry is still focusing on ecologically friendly materials and water conservation. For example, kitchen and bath fixtures offer slimmer profiles to cut down on materials and bulk as well as make products more economical to ship. Some manufacturers are committed to using recycled packaging and shipping materials. Recycled material such as stone fragments and reclaimed glass are used for producing countertops and tile. Reclaimed wood is in vogue, not only for its inherent beauty but also for its repurposed aesthetic.


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