Eric Cohler makes ELLE DECOR’s A-List

July 8, 2010 by Kenmore

Eric Cohler Winning Elle Decor Design A-list
It didn’t surprise us at all that Kenmore design genius Eric Cohler was recently named to ELLE DECOR’s Design A-List.

The list showcases 25 “authentic tastemakers in the U.S.” who take an innovative approach to the art of interior design. I caught up with Eric recently after he returned from an inspirational European journey, and asked him about his achievement.

Rich Goldsmith: How did you hear you won? What was your reaction?

Eric Cohler: They sent me an email, you know, “Congratulations! You were selected…” and I was shocked! My first thought was, “Why me?”

RG: Really?

EC: Well, yes, I was amazed and thrilled. It’s such an honor. The email came from ELLE DÉCOR’s editor, Margaret Russell. I was very excited. In fact, another designer I know called me and said, ”We’re both on the list!”

RG: Was there a ceremony?

EC: There was a big cocktail party at McGuire Furniture in the New York Design Center for about 200 industry insiders and A-List winners. And all the A-Listers were interviewed… the video is featured on ELLE DÉCOR’s website.

RG: Did you get a trophy?

EC: (laughs) No, but we each received a personal gift, and a great swag bag emblazoned with “A-LIST.”

RG: Does your living room still look like it does in the ELLE photo?

Living room at Eric’s new home

EC: No, actually – I moved! I now have a smaller, square living room. I didn’t hang art on the windows in my new home because I have a view now. So I’m letting the windows speak volumes about the space.

RG: What’s the next trend you’ll be setting?

EC: I’m really over “retro.” It’s time for something new… stay tuned!

RG: Congratulations from all of us at Kenmore!

EC: Thanks so much.

Check out Eric’s Manhattan living room featured in the ELLE article. We’re honored that our design genius is recognized as someone who influences the way people live. As Eric himself would say, “That’s so cool!”

Photos provided by Evan Joseph


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