Fall Home Decor: Getting Cool Weather Cozy

October 6, 2023 by Kenmore

fall home decor for cooler weather
Each year around this time, Mother Nature sends little signals letting us know autumn has arrived. The days grow cooler and more colorful, while the evenings arrive earlier and earlier. We’re here to share a few seasonal ideas and inspirations that can help you and your home transition into fall in style.

Secret weapons

The good news is, you don’t need a full redesign. A few updates can help you achieve designer fall home style with relative ease. Painting walls an opulent color like eggplant or mulberry can instantly add richness to an otherwise unchanged room. You can get the same effect with new throw pillows and curtains; their lush tones can make subtle colors pop. And make your space warm and cozy as the cooler temps settle in.

Make an entrance

First impressions count, and an inspired entryway makes for a memorable reception. Select bold wallpaper and coordinate it with other colors in your home. Finish the room with a unique light fixture, decorative ceiling treatment and fresh flowers. These little details help to establish your personal style.

Remember to complement the interior with your exterior. Grab pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks from your favorite farm stand. Pickup Mums from a local community fundraiser or grower or a native Aster flower, for a pop of color. Position them around your porch in a way that accents the space without impacting walkways. Finish off with a decorative wreath made from dried summer flowers and greenery for a complete, eco-friendly look.

Fifteen-minute fixes

Some of the most striking design changes can be completed in just a few minutes. Rearranging the furniture is the simplest thing to do. Try shifting your sofa to the opposite side of the room or move tables from one room to another. Remove clutter and display only the things that spark joy, or are special to you. Keep the space open while showcasing your most beautiful and treasured possessions. Complete with a few decorative pumpkins, candlesticks, and the sweet scents of your stovetop potpourri throughout the room, of course.

Autumn outdoors

Entertaining outdoors in autumn is especially pleasant — no sweltering heat or pesky bugs to deal with. To create a fall fantasyland, build a fire pit in a corner of the yard. Stage wooden lounge chairs around the outside. String white lights in trees and bushes. Arrange pumpkins and gourds in clusters to highlight the colorful gifts of the season. And don’t forget to snag a few marshmallow roasting sticks.

fall home decor for cooler weather
Store more by design

Keeping clutter at bay helps keep the focus on your fall home décor. Use decorative baskets or boxes on shelves to capture crayons or toy cars and keep smaller items organized. We also love ottomans that open to reveal hidden storage – they’re great for tucking away extra blankets or throw pillows. Optimize unused space with under-bed storage bins that can hold seasonal items when they’re not in use (like warm weather clothes).

Bring order to the garage

Start by thinking of your garage as a room in your home, rather than just a place to store cars and lawn & garden supplies. Install bike racks to manage your two-wheelers, and put up pegboard to help keep tools and equipment off the ground, giving you more room to maneuver. Add cubbies or shelves for each family member. If space allows, add a workbench or potting table.

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Ready for a new season? What are your favorite ways to add fresh ideas to your home?


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