Feel The Love With Our New Handles

June 1, 2010 by Kenmore

We have love handles. Yes, we do. In fact, we’re quite proud of them.

Ours are extra long, with wide ends strongly secured to our chassis. Rounded at the center for easy gripping. Sleek, fluid lines with smooth, comfortable curves. These are the premium handles that grace our stylish new Kenmore Elite kitchen collection.

2010 is a transformational year for Kenmore design. We started with the launch of our new Kenmore and Kenmore Elite front load laundry – a resounding success! Now we’re debuting our Kenmore Elite kitchen collection, starting with refrigerators.

During the previous 18 months, we sketched, sculpted and prototyped handles in all shapes and styles to find just the right one.

Along the way, we observed and tested how consumers of all ages and sizes grabbed handles and opened doors. We hosted hundreds of interviews to listen to customer feedback on how to make our designs the best they could be. And we considered every kitchen style – from contemporary to country, antique to eclectic – to ensure the design worked in all.

We fondly refer to our new handle shape as the “bowtie,” and just like a tuxedo, the bowtie is our distinguished focal point that showcases our quality and stylish good looks.

We invite you into our stores to compare our Kenmore Elite bowtie handle with the others. You’ll notice that most handles have plain shapes and are made by a method called extrusion (material forced through a die to create a simple tube or bar).

Our handles are different.

The Kenmore design team wanted to achieve excellence by rethinking the handle, making it a symbol of the craftsmanship, great design and perfect ergonomics we feel our customers deserve. We were told it could not be done, but that didn’t stop us. One of our ingenious designers, Michael Saubert, devised a technique to make our bowtie handles affordably manufactured without compromising our superior new design.

Why did we go to such lengths to make our handles so special? Because we understand our products will be living in our customers’ homes for a long time.

We imagine a boy opening the refrigerator door to grab a water bottle in a rush to his baseball game, just like my son does. We think about dad who is opening the dishwasher to load it up after dinner and or mom checking inside the oven on her Thanksgiving turkey.

Attached to every one of our handles are the hands of our customers and it is our job to deliver the best possible experience.

So come visit and grab hold of our love handles. We think you’ll see the difference in our style, quality, performance, innovation and service; all of which continue to earn Kenmore a trusted place in American homes.

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