From the Garden to the Table

August 14, 2013 by Kenmore

This summer, in celebration of our 100th Anniversary, we scoured the county to honor home cooks by collecting heritage recipes that have stood the test of time. We visited three State Fairs – the hot bed of home cooking – hosting recipe competitions and awarding fabulous prizes. This weekend in the Hawkeye State, we wrapped up the tour at the notable Iowa State Fair.


The competition was “ripe” at the “Kenmore Honored Harvest Time Recipes” showdown. Local restaurateur, Chef George Former and veteran State Fair judges Pat Barry and Mary Hanna tasted and judged 22 locally inspired dishes including a harvest time cake with carrots and sweet potatoes, a whole pork loin with summer vegetables and a shrimp ceviche and squash salad. The honored first place blue ribbon and $8,000+ in prizes was awarded to Christen Clark of Runnells, Iowa who could not be more excited to “get off the farm and visit New York City!” for her delicious homemade “Sweet Corn Ravioli with Sautéed Summer Vegetables.”


With our three State Fair grand prize winners packing their bags for the New York City Wine & Food Festival, stay tuned to find out the winner of the recipe contest who will join them in the Big Apple!


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