Grammie’s Christmas Caramels

August 1, 2013 by Kenmore

Act 1: Grammie discovers that her oldest daughter is deaf after a childhood illness. The family moves from Indiana to California for the best care, and scrapes through during the depression when people traded vegetables to get their cars fixed by my mechanic grandfather. Act 2:There was no money for Christmas gifts, so Grammie made her famous Christmas Caramels, using real cream and butter like she did on the farm in Indiana – and spending hours with her two daughters hand wrapping every piece. She took great pride in giving a gift she created with love and care, and the Christmas Caramels became a family tradition carried on by four granddaughters. Act 3: Several years ago I entered Grammie’s Christmas Caramels in the fair…and they received a blue ribbon. I called my grandmother to tell her, and she replied, "That’s wonderful, honey. But the best prize for me is that you learned how to make a gift from the heart. I guess those judges could just taste the love!"


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