How Connected Home Appliances Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

April 22, 2016 by Jason Loper

This Earth Day, the Kenmore brand is excited to share their new connected appliances. As well they should be. This new wave of connected appliances is going to help us all be a little more energy efficient, which is ultimately a good thing for Mother Earth.

The first smart appliance to hit stores is the Kenmore Elite Smart Air Conditioner. With standard air conditioners, the tendency is to set it and forget it. You know how it goes. You’re leaving for work in the morning and you don’t want to turn off the air conditioner because you’ll come back to hot home. That results in a lot of wasted energy. After all, why cool a room that no one is using?


And that’s where the Kenmore Elite Smart Air Conditioner saves the day. With its Smart technology this air conditioner gives you the ability to remotely control, monitor, and set schedules though WiFi using a smart phone/tablet. So you can turn the unit off in the morning and then power it back up on your way home. Or you can remotely adjust the thermostat when the temperature starts to rise. This will help you save energy and money.

In addition to the Smart Air Conditioner, two other smart home products will soon hit the market. The Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module connects to select new and existing Kenmore and Kenmore Elite Water Heaters to monitor and adjust home water temperature and usage. This unit can help homeowners save energy and money on hot water generation by adjusting the temperature setting on the water heater when away from home.

The Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener allows homeowners to monitor salt levels and water usage remotely to prevent wasted resources. This water softener connects to the Kenmore Smart Control app to help users manage salt levels and monitor water flow rate.

The Kenmore Elite Smart Air Conditioner is available now online and in stores. The Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module and Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener will be available later this year. Be sure to sign up for the Kenmore monthly newsletter for further updates on these and other exciting innovations.

Jason Loper

Jason Loper is a self-professed doyen of the domestic arts. In other words, he hasn’t met a household project he hasn’t enjoyed tackling. His latest project is renovating a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed American System-Built Home in Iowa.