Intel Shows Off @ CESLive

January 10, 2011 by Kenmore

CES 2011 021

Photo Credit: Jeff Sass

Ok, so I’ve got to admit that while I knew what Intel was all about, I never thought much about them beyond “that company who has chips inside of everything.” We’ve all seen the Intel Inside logo and commercials, but after spending some time in their booth at CES, I discovered they are about a lot more than just that.

While they had some amazing 3D televisions that didn’t need glasses to be enjoyed, high speed processor chips and laptops that are going to change the way we compute, what really grabbed my attention was when Consumer Social Media Manager Bryan Rhoads gave me a demo of their interactive dashboard that they built in conjunction with the team at JESS3.

To see other great stuff that Intel is doing, be sure to check out their blog found at


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