Mix Classic And Casual Into Mealtime

October 7, 2009 by Kenmore

Creative and casual home cuisine

I’ve recreated some of my favorite restaurant dishes by putting my own unique spin on how I prepare or serve a meal.

And depending on whether I’m hosting family or friends, sometimes I’ll serve Grilled Chicken Skewers with Lemons and Salsa Verde, or I’ll mix it up and serve Smoky Corn Pudding with Melted Monterey Jack.

There are a lot of exciting choices you can pick from when planning a casual cuisine, so here are some more ideas to try out.  And you’ll notice I’ve put a few interesting twists on classic dishes:

  • Hamburgers: Take a cue from your favorite burger joint and move beyond beef. Try salmon or lamb burgers with yogurt sauce for a Grecian twist.
  • Risotto: This classic, creamy rice dish has a reputation for being labor-intensive, but you can make a satisfying risotto in just a half hour. Try my Risotto with Spinach and Goat Gouda, for example.
  • Tacos: Save money and still enjoy restaurant-quality food by creating an at-home taco bar.
  • Lasagna: Another classic that never goes out of style. Use store-bought sauce as a base, and spice it up with fresh herbs and sautéed onions.
  • Meatloaf: The classic comfort food is making a comeback. Try your favorite recipe in mini loaves to cut cooking time.
  • Roast chicken: Perfectly roasted chicken is a favorite among chefs. Try one this weekend!
  • Potpies: Don’t stop at chicken. Try adding seafood, or make a dessert version with berries.

How have you recreated your favorite classic restaurant dishes?


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