keeping with this week’s theme…

August 24, 2012 by Kenmore

I thought I would stick with this week’s DIY theme for the last blog of the week. Currently, Mike’s bedroom is pretty bare. I spent all my time and energy on the kitchen, patio, and kitchen so I decided that we could leave the bedroom until after we’re married. I mean I don’t really live there .. yet.


Mike is using all of my small graduate school furniture at the moment and until recently that even included a full sized bed! But there are 2 pieces of wall art up that I wanted to share.


The first started out as a bare shadow box. Mike had saved all of the cards I had given him over the years of our relationship from his birthday, valentines day, etc. It was actually his idea to display some of the favorites in the shadow box, otherwise, they would just sit in a box under the bed. The final product turned out so great. I think this would make for the perfect gift and it’s something anyone could do themselves!



The other wall art includes a mirrored frame I found on clearance. The original had a not so cute picture glued in it. With the help of my mother (of course), we were able to pry apart the glass without breaking it to remove the original photo. So now that the frame was pictureless, I had to find the perfect one to fill the empty space. And what better picture than the one of the spot where Mike proposed! I went to Kinko’s and had the picture printed off to size. My dad was able to pefectly cut the picture to fit inside the frame. And whhhha-lahhh…



It’s been a great week – with tons of support! Thank you x a million.

Hope the weekend treats everyone well! Shout out to Mike’s cousin Kim who is getting married this weekend. I can’t believe it’s already here– time flies!



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