Kenmore Appliances Brings Meals to Lincoln Park Community Shelter

March 29, 2017 by Kenmore

When people come together to help other people, amazing things are possible. The Lincoln Park Community Shelter serves Chicago’s homeless population by offering shelter, hot meals and classes that help indigent Chicagoans get back on their feet. The staff at the shelter, including former homeless people who were served by LPCS, is a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to the staff, the shelter relies heavily on volunteers to purchase, prepare and serve meals for the residents. Every day, the kitchen at LPCS fills up with groups of volunteers who take time out of their lives to prepare and share meals with the residents. Many of the volunteers are graduates of the program who were formerly homeless, and wanted to give back to the place that gave them so much.

While the kitchen is the centerpiece of the shelter, the appliances that the volunteers were using to cook meals with were outdated to say the least. Volunteers had to call the shelter at 2 pm to have them turn on the ovens so they they would be warm by the time they got there at 5 pm to prepare dinner. When Kenmore heard about the amazing things the people at this shelter were doing for Chicago, they had to step up and lend a hand.

Sears and Kenmore donated two new Kenmore Elite Double Ovens, two Kenmore Convertible Refrigerators, two Kenmore Built-In Dishwashers and dozens of small kitchen appliances and pots and pans to the shelter to make sure the volunteers had everything they needed to continue to serve the residents that call it home. Everyone from the staff to the residents took notice of the new appliances immediately and morale and good cheer were on display as the first group of volunteers broke in the new appliances with a delicious taco dinner. It’s amazing that something as simple as new appliances can make people feel like they matter and are deserving of such things.

Thanks to the sizable donation from Kenmore and Sears, the Lincoln Park Community Shelter will continue its mission of giving back to the Chicago community and help everyone who walks through its doors be amazing.

To learn more about the Lincoln Park Community Shelter or to donate your time, visit


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