Kenmore Electric Range 95163 Buying Guide

November 17, 2023 by Kenmore

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If you’ve been dreaming of whipping up some creative cooking creations in your kitchen, maybe it’s time to consider getting a new range that can help you take your culinary skills to the next level.

Our newest Kenmore electric range (model 22-95163) is loaded with the premium features  customers tell us they want most. It’s designed from the ground up to provide consistently great cooking performance, excellent convenience, intuitive operation, and effortless cleanup. And on top of that, we’ve added an extra bonus feature: fast and easy air-frying, right in the oven!

Let’s take a closer look at our new electric range, and how it suits your cooking needs.

True Convection: the real deal

Kenmore’s True Convection system uses a fan and a third heating element to preheat quickly and surround your favorite foods with hot air for consistent, even cooking on every rack. Roasted meats and poultry turn out deliciously caramelized and brown on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. Plus, it eliminates “hot spots” inside the oven, so you can bake multiple sheets of cookies with remarkably even results.

Hot Tip: Not all convection ovens are the same.

true convection fan range

Other range brands may offer a type of “convection” oven that circulates air with an internal fan, but without the essential third heating element that defines a True Convection system. Kenmore’s system heats the air as it circulates it, for consistently even heat distribution.

kitchen range convection


Air Frying made easy

Air frying has been a growing trend in home cooking for several years, thanks to the recent popularity of countertop air-frying units that offer the speed and delicious results of conventional frying, but without all the messy and unhealthy oil. However, these units take up valuable counter space, and are bulky to store when not in use.

The Air Fry setting and cooking basket included with Kenmore’s new range lineup uses hot circulating air to create crowd favorites that are crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet tender on the inside, without the oil and mess or the need for a separate appliance.

5 elements, 7 power options – excellent cooking flexibility

The smooth-surface cooktop of our new Kenmore range features 5 powerful cooking elements. Even better, two of the cooking zones are dual-ring elements which adjust in size to fit your cookware. That gives you amazing cooking flexibility so you can match the element size to the task and boil water, sauté veggies, and simmer sauce—all at once!

electric cooktopTurbo Boil® minimizes time, maximizes performance

Honestly, what could be better than a super-fast Turbo Boil® element? How about a pair of them? Two powerful 3,000-watt Turbo Boil elements really turn up the heat for incredibly fast boiling, plus stir-frying and searing, so you can get that perfect texture on everything from steaks and burgers to vegetables and fish.

turbo boil kitchen range

Total control, right at your fingertips

Kenmore’s intuitive, easy-to-use Precision Set Controls feature accurate incremental adjustments and advanced cooking options with 25 different settings like Delay Start, Keep Warm and Broil.

front control range

Ready when you are

The convenient Warm Zone drawer delivers a gentle, low heat to keep cooked foods warm and ready to enjoy while you coordinate the rest of your meal.

warming drawer electric range

Easily handles the dirty jobs

When the spacious 4.8 cu. ft. oven needs a complete clean, Kenmore’s self-clean function takes the nasty chore out of your hands, saving you time, effort, and… blech. You can even customize your clean with a 2, 3 or 4-hour clean cycle, depending on how dirty the oven is.

When your oven needs only a light cleaning, the Steam Clean function uses water and heat for light oven cleaning. It can also be used to soften stuck on food before running the full self-clean function.

steam clean electric range

Enhanced visibility

A bright halogen light illuminates the oven interior, making it easy to see inside without opening the oven door while food is cooking. Plus, an extra-large oven window gives you the best view in the kitchen, making it easy to check on the progress of a meal no matter where it’s placed in the oven.

viewing window range

Fingerprints and smudges? No worries

Kenmore’s fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish is designed to look great… and stay that way. Smudges and fingerprints easy wipe clean with a soft cloth, so your range can look as nicely as it works!

No matter your cooking expertise or kitchen style, the new Kenmore 95163 electric range has the look you want with the features you need. Find it today at Lowes and Amazon online!


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our electric ranges. If you have a question of your own, let us know!

Q: What’s the difference between a range and a stove?

A: There are technical differences between the two terms, but in common usage they are the same thing. A range is simply an oven with a cooktop (or stovetop) on top. It’s the term used in the industry, but you can call it a stove if you like, no worries!

Q: What are the advantages of electric vs. gas ranges?

A: A modern electric element tends to be more efficient than a gas burner because there is more direct contact between the element and the cookware. They can also produce higher high temperatures and lower low temperatures than typical gas burners. Gas burners, on the other hand, are more immediately responsive to changes in temperature. Also, some cooks like being able to tell at a glance how much heat is being applied by looking at the gas flame.

Electric ovens maintain a more consistent heat than gas ovens. This is because they don’t require an air intake, like gas ovens do. Bringing in outside air is necessary for gas to burn, but that air needs to be heated continually.

Finally, there’s the simple matter of practicality. An electric range can be easily installed in virtually any kitchen with a 220-volt outlet. A gas range can only work in a kitchen that has a natural gas pipe already in place.

Still not sure if you should choose gas or electric? Learn more on the differences.

Q: How long should an electric range last?

A: A quality electric range is actually a pretty good appliance investment. With regular maintenance and proper care, the typical lifespan of an electric range generally falls within the 11-15 year range. The average is about 13 years.

Q: Will this range fit in my kitchen?

A: Measure the width, depth and height of the cutout in your kitchen’s cabinets intended for the range. Compare those dimensions to those in the diagram below to ensure a perfect fit.

electric range dimensions


The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.