Kenmore Family Favorite Fruit Pies entry by Jeffery Doyle-Horney

October 7, 2013 by Kenmore

My family history looks a lot like the history of America, spanning from the colonies to the westward states. Grandmother was born in KY in 1888 & Granddad in KS in 1892. They would visit us in the early 60’s at our MI home, coming from Dallas during vacations. They brought with them the traditions, yarns & flavors from another time & place. After "hunting" trips when my dad & granddad would take me out in the woods to "shoot" squirrels with his cane, we would stop & gather our own wild raspberries in small tin buckets. What we didn’t eat on the spot came home to Grandmother Lucy. Lucy would bring my sisters & I together to help her roll out the dough & cut the lattice strips for her signature raspberry pie. I’ve been recreating versions of that raspberry lattice pie my whole adult life. I’ve played with variations but always come back to her tried & true original. I honor Grandmother Lucy & our American traditions with her Raspberry Lattice Pie made with years of family love.


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