Kenmore Greatest Generation of Grilling Cook-Off entry by Benjamin Dove, Ohio State Fair

September 7, 2013 by Kenmore

This dish is meant to show the simplicity of a family meal while also showing the complexity that is found in the many differences of each individual. The spice of the jalapeno pepper-jack is the inspiration of my wife. She always inspired our family to reach for the stars while pressing through whatever obstacles may come. The aioli is the inspiration of my eldest daughter. The cumin is representative of the warmth that she brings to our entire family & to the special ways she expresses her love such as "Daddy Hugs". The meat is the All-American favorite of my middle daughter. She always reminds us that true happiness isn’t found in the extravagant or elaborate but in the beauty of simplicity enjoyed with thanksgiving everyday. The melted cheese like the melted heart of a father who’s youngest daughter exclaimed, "You’re the best cook in the whole world!" That’s what she said the 1st time she tried this.


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