Kenmore Honored Harvest Time entry by Cheryl Rogers, Iowa State Fair

October 4, 2013 by Kenmore

Coming from generations of farm families I have a long list of "farm favorite" dishes from my childhood, but none tops Chicken Supreme in my book! Mom says she’s been making this dish for nearly 70 yrs. It’s not a healthy fare, but it’s a hearty, practical dish. When I was 10, our class had to create recipe books for Mother’s Day. Each student was to bring his or her favorite recipe from home. Naturally, I took Chicken Supreme. Over 45 yrs later, Mom still has the little book & told me I was the only child in the class that didn’t submit a dessert recipe; who’d opt for sweets when they could have Chicken Supreme? Chicken Supreme is such a family favorite that it is often the main dish for family holidays. Our family farm in NW Iowa achieved Century Farm status in 2003. During planting and harvest season, Mom (just shy of turning 90) is still the backup cook for delivering a nightly meal to the men in the field, & they still love to see her coming with Chicken Supreme!


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