Brand Buying Guide: Kenmore, Kenmore Elite & Kenmore PRO

October 16, 2017 by Kenmore

You’ve heard of Kenmore appliances, but did you know Kenmore has signature brands with distinct features designed to fit your lifestyle? It’s true!

The full world of Kenmore includes Kenmore, Kenmore Elite and Kenmore PRO. While each line is different, all three are designed to make running your home even easier. Whether you’re doing a home remodel, replacing an old appliance or just wanting an upgrade, this guide will show you which of these three great brands is perfect for you.


With trusted performance for over 100 years, Kenmore is time-tested, iconic and dependable. Kenmore continues to deliver innovative technology, modern American style and thoughtful features to help you cook, clean and live more.

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A Kenmore appliance fits well in any home and is designed to suit your lifestyle. Kenmore has your entire house covered, with products ranging from refrigerators and dishwashers to washers, dryers, water heaters, floor care and more. And with colors in white, black or stainless steel, you can choose the finish that matches your decor and personal style.

for your family

Have kids that can’t keep their hands off your appliances? Select dishwashers and refrigerators feature stainless steel with Active Finish™, a signature finish that resists smudges and can be wiped clean with just a wet cloth.

So if you are looking for a reliable appliance that is nothing short of amazing, Kenmore is the product line for you.


Kenmore Elite

Forget keeping up with the Joneses — leave them in the dust! Kenmore Elite appliances offer high-end performance, complete with elegant style. But it’s about more than just the style. Kenmore Elite models come loaded with enhanced features, intuitive technology and innovative features that go to work for you.

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Much like the Kenmore product line, appliances come in white, black, stainless steel or stainless steel with Active Finish™, but Kenmore Elite models take it a step further. The new black stainless steel finish adds a look of sophistication to any kitchen.

get smart

But enough about style — let’s talk tech. Select Kenmore Elite models feature smart technology, giving you the ability to monitor and control your appliances from anywhere with your smartphone or Alexa. This means that you can start your washer from work or cool your house from the beach to save time and money and enjoy peace of mind.

If exclusive performance, experience and design are what you’re looking for, make Kenmore Elite your next appliance.

Kenmore PRO

Forget about going out to a restaurant — stay home with Kenmore PRO. Designed for the true culinary connoisseur, Kenmore PRO appliances come loaded with features inspired by a professional kitchen. While Kenmore Elite appliances work for you, Kenmore PRO appliances work with you to create delicious masterpieces.

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The ranges, ovens, cooktops and refrigerators take your cooking game to the next level with innovations that give you more control, speed and precision. All Kenmore PRO appliances come in stainless steel for a polished kitchen. And no need to redesign your kitchen — Kenmore PRO appliances are made to fit your existing space!  

Choose Kenmore PRO for commercially inspired appliances that meet all your cooking needs.


Now that you understand the brands behind the name, you can find the line of products that best suit your taste. Upgrade your home with Kenmore, Kenmore Elite or Kenmore PRO today.



The Kenmore brand represents 100 years of trusted performance, backed by exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring to the table. We’re always evolving to ensure day-to-day tasks are taken care of with faster cooking, better cleaning and more living throughout the home.