Laundry Helper: Kenmore Washer Buying Guide

June 7, 2017 by Kenmore

Summer is here. Cue the cheers. But that also means loads of muddy grass stains and sandy beach towels to contend with. You’ll need a washer that can hold it all, pack a stain-fighting punch and fit beautifully and seamlessly into your home. But from size to style and features, there’s a lot to consider.

That’s why we’re here to help. Use this buying guide to keep you informed during your shopping search, and pretty soon you’ll be kicking dirt to the curb with a washer that’s perfect for your family and that helps you be even more amazing.   

Tip 1: Style Is Seamless

First, pick your style. It’s probably been awhile since you last purchased a washing machine — and a lot has changed. Thanks to new technology, front-load and top-load washers both boast energy efficiency, bigger-than-ever capacities, fast wash cycles, more innovation in convenience and better-than-ever performance, so your decision really comes down to personal aesthetic and space limitations.           

Top-Load Washers: Top-load washers sport the classic look and functionality you’re used to…but they’re not your Momma’s washer. With their trim lines, they’ll complement any home’s style. Their real appeal, however, is convenient loading/unloading. Top-loads save you from bending down every time you have to move clothes.

Front-Load Washers: Sleek, chic and contoured in all the right places, front-load washers are the epitome of contemporary. If bending down to load/unload is a pain in the (back), you can raise the washer up on a pedestal. The good news is that front controls are always within easy reach. The better news is that front-loads are stackable and ideal for smaller spaces, like cramped closets, under countertops or cabinets, or in apartments.     

Twin-Load Washers: These mini additions to front-load washers are perfect for busy families. As a second, independently operated wash basin, a twin-load lets you run two separate loads at once, saving time and energy. Throw in clothes you want separated from the main load, like delicates, hand-washables and athletic wear — or the soccer jersey she needs cleaned before the big game this afternoon — and it’s a two-for-one laundry day!

Tip 2: Bigger Is Better (Unless It’s Not)

Let’s talk capacity. Kenmore offers washers ranging from 3.3 cu. ft. to 6.2 cu. ft. (which can fit your biggest loads and bulkier items, like comforters). The groundbreaking twin-load washer adds even more capacity!  

The larger the capacity, the fewer the loads. And that means less water and less energy. Generally, bigger is better — unless you have space constraints, or your family size and lifestyle don’t require all that room.

A good rule of thumb is:

3.1 – 4.0 cu. ft. for an 8-lb to 12-lb load

4.2 – 4.5 cu. ft. for a 15-lb to 18-lb load 

4.5+ cu. ft. for a 20-lb to 22-lb load

4.2 – 4.5 cu. ft. is the benchmark for a moderately active, medium-sized family.

There are a few more numbers to consider. When measuring the dimensions of your available space, allow for a couple of extra inches for hookups in the back. Ensure there are no obstructions, vertically or horizontally, that prevent the lid/door from opening completely. And don’t forget to measure the path from your front door to your washer’s new home to make sure it will fit!

Tip 3: Agitation Isn’t the Only Action

What’s the spinny on wash systems? Kenmore front-load washers feature Smart Motion® Technology that blends up to six different wash motions for optimal cleaning. Between tumbling, stepping, scrubbing, rolling, swinging and saturating, there’s a customized action for every fabric.  

Top-load washers clean two ways:

Agitators’ vertical spindle rubs clothes together to get them clean. The Kenmore brand’s exclusive Triple Action® Agitator employs three wash motions —  spraying, agitator and wash basket action —  that are tough on stains and gentle on fabrics.  

Impellers’ low-profile design frees up room in the basket and provides an optimal clean by forcing clothes up and out. The Kenmore brand’s exclusive Quad ActionTM Impeller uses four innovative wash motions for a gentle, efficient clean: flex fin, spraying, impeller and wash basket action.   

Tip 4: Features Mean Fab Performance

Now for the fun part! Innovative technology has changed the laundry game. Check out how the newest Kenmore brand features make for exceptional performance.

Accela Soak™ Technology: Reaches soils fast and delivers a deep clean by drawing a concentrated detergent mix up from the bottom of the basket and then thoroughly saturating the top of the load.

Accela Wash® Technology: Gets clothes clean faster so you can wash more loads in the same amount of time.*

*When washing a 20-lb load using Accela Wash® option on Normal cycle.

StainBoost™ Option: Hits tough stains and stubborn, ground-in messes hard with an extended wash time that’s easy on clothes.

Steam Treat™ Option: Tackles common tough, hard-to-clean messes with the deep-cleaning power of steam.

Deep Fill Option: Lets you increase the water level on select cycles, so water-level control is always at your fingertips.  

Want to get really high-tech? Explore our new Kenmore Elite® Smart Washer that connects you with your smartphone, so you can check your laundry from your lawn chair or set a load to finish just as you get home. You’re in control — more than ever before.


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