My First Blog Post

June 8, 2011 by Kenmore

“First.” I think that word is intoxicating. Every day is an exciting journey toward a new first in my life. First bicycle, first job, first love, first anniversary, my baby’s first birthday and now my first blog post. I started my career in the appliance industry right after finishing my graduate program. Since then, each day inspires me to work toward making people’s homes and lives more comfortable.

A lot of people’s first memories are of the kitchen. And it’s no surprise, a kitchen has always been the heart of the home after all. I remember the first time I traveled to the village my family is from. There was no electricity, no roads, no television… but a cozy, warm and happy kitchen bursting with the aroma of freshly picked veggies, simmering meat and wood crackling in a wood oven.

Technology has taken us a long way from those days. I am working with a dedicated Kenmore team that isn’t just bringing new gizmos and gadgets into our homes; they are actively working to use technology in innovative ways to make our lives better.

Do you have any memorable “first” moments?


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