New Year, Healthier You: How to Refresh YOU

February 5, 2024 by Kenmore

Woman relaxing and sipping tea
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Does it seem like every day is becoming more of a time crunch?

Like many of you, we’re working from home on most days, and raising a family and running a household EVERY day. We’re also taking the time to exercise regularly, prepare and eat healthier meals, and keeping our living environment as clean as we can. And we’re spending quality time with family activities, and getting involved with our local communities, too. And getting proper rest at night (when we can).

But at some point, in the midst of this ceaseless whirlwind… we need to stop. Slow down. Take a pause. Treat yourself to a few moments of calm refreshment and reflection before returning to the merry-go-round of modern life.

Pause and Refresh

The notion that we need to remain focused and stay on top of our various tasks for as long as possible has been debunked many times by science. In fact, researchers have found that when our brains get fed up with the same repetitive stresses, without interruption, our productivity plummets. We get bored or overwhelmed, fatigued, and just plain bummed out. And nobody needs that.

woman sipping tea how to refresh herself
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That’s why it’s so important to make time in the middle of your busy day to take a break. Step outside into nature, unplug from social media, listen to some music, allow your mind to wander. You know what else might help? A nice cup of tea.

A Nice Cup of Tea?

Yes, please. A cup of tea is like a warm hug for your tummy, and a soothing reset for your mind and spirit. And some evidence suggests that drinking tea can help boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.

Kenmore offers a great new way to create the perfect tea break with one-touch ease. Our Cool-Touch Electric Kettle brings up to 1.7 liters of water to the exact temperature you want, from 104 to 212°F, in a snap… while the exterior stays nice and cool to the touch. It features a touch-activated control panel that appears at your fingertips and then disappears in standby mode for a clean, modern look.

Four pre-set buttons provide ideal simplicity for preparing White, Green, or Oolong tea, or boiling hot water. Built-in safety features include cool-touch exterior, locking lid, automatic shut-off and boil dry protection for your peace of mind.

cool touch tea kettle

Old-School Cool

If the sleek, breathtakingly modern approach to the old-fashioned tea break isn’t quite your thing, we have another great solution. The Kenmore Broadway 1.5-quart Tea Kettle in Glacier Blue looks so comforting, sitting on your stovetop. It reminds us of happy afternoons at grandma’s house, enjoying tea and fresh-baked cookies on a chilly day.

Its durable steel construction brings water to a boil quickly and retains heat splendidly, in case you’d like a second cup. It even comes with a traditional whistling spout, so you know just when the water is hot and ready. And the ergonomically designed handle stays cool to the touch, providing excellent grip and stability while pouring.

Healthy Refreshment

Pop quiz: What’s something quick, convenient and delicious that’s packed with nutrients, boosts your energy and brain function, supports smart weight-management strategies, prevents dehydration, and promotes digestive health? If you guessed a fresh, tasty smoothie made from all-natural fruits and veggies… come and claim your prize!*

Kenmore’s new Variable Speed Immersion Hand-Blender provides 400 watts of pro-quality power to make your smoothie-break virtually effortless. Variable speed control and stainless steel quad-blades let you enjoy precise blending and perfect texture every time. It also includes a whisk attachment to help you create perfect froths and whips. And cleanup is a snap as the 700mL beaker, lid, food chopper work bowl and blade are dishwasher-friendly. What could be simpler?

Looking for some delicious, healthy smoothie recipes? Look no further… we’ve got a whole bunch!

*The prize is our enthusiastic support and esteem… the immersion blender costs about 50 bucks.

how to refresh you, immersion blender


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these kitchen essentials.

Q: Is drinking tea good for you?

A: Believe it or not, tea has some important health benefits above and beyond the simple act of slowing yourself down and taking a break. A variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, or even ward off cancer. Some herbal teas can improve sleep or improve digestive health. And studies have shown that green tea can help lower blood pressure, triglycerides and total cholesterol.

Q: What is an immersion blender used for?

A: Using an immersion blender is a quick and easy way to blend anything into a smooth consistency, without the hassle of using a traditional countertop blender. In addition to making tasty, refreshing smoothies, the Kenmore model includes a food-chopper that functions as a mini-food processor, plus a whisk that whips and froths like a hand-mixer.


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