Our Top Wedding Gift Picks

June 1, 2016 by Kenmore

Whether you’re registering for your special day or looking for the perfect gift to help your loved ones start their happily ever after, we’re positive you’ll say “I do” to these top picks!

grill wedding gift

Kenmore’s 4-Burner Grill Grill Probably not the standard wedding gift you think of, right? But that’s what makes it so great! Everyone loves grilling, having backyard BBQs and enjoying the great outdoors. The happy couple will absolutely flip for this!

stand_mixer_wedding gift

Kenmore Elite® 6 Qt. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer
Of course there’s always the ultimate traditional gift — our coveted stand mixer. This one even includes a few additional attachments like a detachable pour shield, flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook. We have a feeling they’ll always be in the honeymoon phase with this wonderful machine.

food processor wedding gift

Kenmore® Black Food Processor
There aren’t enough glowing things we can say about the benefits of having a food processor! They’re essential to helping you prep meals faster than ever, and a big help when creating masterful sauces, salsas and other culinary treats. You’ll wonder why it ever took you so long to settle down and get one.


Kenmore Elite® Countertop Microwave with Convection
Microwaves can be used for much more than just popping popcorn. This incredible model features convection cooking which combines with microwave energy to circulate heated air evenly throughout the oven, to brown food and shorten cooking time! Did we also mention the super convenient 1-touch setting with a 30-second increment option? Dream gift!

slow cooker wedding gift

Kenmore® 7 Qt. Slow Cooker with Dipper
Everyone needs a slow cooker in their kitchen arsenal. Give the happy couple a hand with their first year of cooking for two, with this must-have. It’s the essential go-to cooking tool for busy schedules or preparing no-fuss meals that no one will ever be able to tell didn’t take hours in the kitchen to prepare.


Kenmore® 15 Bar Espresso Maker
It’s fun, unexpected and just what the newlyweds need to help them keep up with the beginning of their exciting journey! It even has a steam frother to make the perfect foam for cappuccinos, lattes or mochas. Plus, we’re positive that they’ll enjoy saving money by cutting back on their coffee shop trips in favor of making a treat at home.


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