Outdoor Decorating and Entertaining

July 13, 2011 by Kenmore

Let your outdoor space become the perfect designer room. Create it with a specific use in mind: as the ideal outdoor dining room, living room or dreamy reading nook.

Design the décor

Start with a bold, colorfully graphic outdoor rug that will do two things: “ground” the space and help you map out the furniture placement. Add layers of color and texture with outdoor fabrics on furniture and as drapery. Use both modern and traditional patterns to mix things up and create your own unique style. Mix and match outdoor dinnerware and furniture to create a curated, vintage-style look.

You can easily give existing furniture a face-lift by re-stuffing and re-covering cushions with a bold fabric. Spray paint will instantly change the look of metal outdoor furniture. Try it… and don’t be afraid to use a bright color like green, yellow, or orange!

Light the way

Lighting has the biggest impact on how your outdoor space looks and feels. Add outdoor lighting to accent beautiful stone walkways, trees and driveways. Solar powered or LED walkway lights not only showcase the hardscaping, they are also economical and energy-efficient.

For a dramatic look, try solar-powered spotlights to up-light mossy oaks, maples or your favorite fruit tree. Check out the Sears collection of outdoor lighting, oversized lanterns and decorative glass hurricanes — they can be used in so many ways. Try flanking your front door with two oversized lanterns, one on each side of the door, or place a few along your walkway. It’s the perfect solution for adding light and making your entry more inviting. I like to use glass hurricane vases on my outdoor dining, coffee, or end tables to add ambient light for entertaining. I also use lighting to break up the different areas of my outdoor spaces, to create “rooms” for easy entertaining. Walking paths denoted by hanging lanterns will lead guests around your outdoor space.

Fire it up

Test your culinary skills with Kenmore’s 5-burner gas grill. It makes outdoor entertaining so easy. The colossal grill lets you rotisserie, barbeque, steam and stove-cook all at the same time. Impressive! It’s everything you need to create the perfect feast.


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