Plants to Help Get You Through Winter

January 11, 2016 by Kenmore

Things I love about wintertime:

big, cozy sweaters
drinking hot cocoa
using the cold as an excuse to stay indoors

Things I don’t love about wintertime:

driving in the snow
limited daylight hours
the lack of a fresh, green outside

At least we can chase away some of those winter blues with a bit of extra green added to the inside of our homes. Listed below are plenty of houseplant options that are easy to maintain, can improve the environment and air quality of your space, and will lift your spirits until the first sign of spring blooms!

Aloe Plant: Almost everyone knows that the gel of the aloe plant has plenty of healing properties, such as soothing skin burns and cuts, but did you also know that it can help clear the air of pollutants found in chemical cleaning products? This plant grows best with exposure to lots of sun but would also enjoy the bathroom, where it can hold onto a lot of humidity and moisture.

Snake Plant: Sometimes referred to as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,” this plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night for a great clean-air boost. Bonus: This plant doesn’t require a lot of light or water to survive, so it’s a perfect fit for any home — even those lacking a green thumb.

English Ivy: Place this one in your bedroom! One of the best air-filtering houseplants, it’s also incredibly easy to grow and adaptable to your space — it can be a hanging or floor plant. This plant only needs a moderate amount of sunlight and can thrive in warm, dry conditions.

Peace Lily: Place this beautiful and low-maintenance flower in the shadier and cooler parts of your home and enjoy having florals indoors. Plus it can reduce levels of toxins in the air.

Areca Palm: This palm tops NASA’s clean-air plants list as the very best air-purifying plant. Even better, it also adds moisture to the air. Another notable palm: The Bamboo Palm made NASA’s top clean-air plants list, too! Make space in your bedroom for this champ as well as a Kenmore humidifier to create the cozy room of your dreams. 

Rosemary: Get a window box and set up this hearty-scented herb in your kitchen for fresh and ready herbs while you cook! Rosemary only needs 4–6 hours of direct sunlight a day, which is more than enough for wintertime gardening. Consider adding other herbs such as basil, thyme and cilantro, or go big with some lettuce!

Rubber Tree: This easy-to-grow plant, which thrives even in dim lighting and cooler climates, is a popular choice for the living room and is another great plant for air cleaning. The low-maintenance rubber tree would make a wonderful addition to your indoor garden to help eliminate toxins from the air.

Spider Plant: It’s that one many-legged houseplant you see sprawling inside almost everyone’s home — and for good reason! This common houseplant is decorative, easy to grow and also made NASA’s list for being extremely effective at fighting air pollutants.

Succulent: Even windowless rooms like your den or office cubicle can benefit from some greenery. Succulents are the best low-maintenance plant option since they can survive even without exposure to sunlight. Take it up a notch and try out this great DIY terrarium craft for an artsy touch.

Tell us in the comments: what are some of the plants you keep in your home? 


Image Credit: Gardenista


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