Stove Selector: Range Oven Buying Guide

May 22, 2017 by Kenmore

Range Buying Guide

From frying eggs to roasting a rack of lamb, today’s ranges are created with innovative technology and features designed to make cooking faster, baking more precise and life a little more amazing.

So how do you decide which one is right for your home? We’re here to help — before you can begin to comparison shop online or in-store, read our range buying guide for four tips on finding the right range for your kitchen.

Tip 1: Size up the situation.

Before you begin to explore various styles, options and features, you have to measure the exact size space you have for your new range. Placement is key here. Keep in mind the typical range width is 30”, but regardless of your range space/cutout, make sure you’ll have enough room to comfortably move around your kitchen. Consider factors like how far the oven door will open the traffic of your kitchen and plan accordingly.

Tip 2: What’s your type?

If you’re the kind that likes cooking with fire, power and speed, a gas range is just your type. But if you prefer easy cleanup, precision and consistency, an electric range may be right up your alley. You can always convert your hookup to accommodate the range you prefer, but bear in mind that the type of fuel hookup you have will limit what’s available to you.

There are benefits to both gas and electric and the good news is today’s ranges offer great options for either type of cooking.

Tip 3: Find a style that works with your kitchen.

Freestanding, drop-in or slide-in – which range is right for your kitchen? If you’re replacing an existing range, you might need to stick with the style that’s already in place. But if you’re starting from scratch, you can choose the style that works for your style. The built-in style gives you a more seamless style while the freestanding is more flexible. Check out to the chart above for more information on range styles.

In addition to range style, there’s also the finish to consider. While stainless steel remains a customer favorite, it’s certainly not the only option. Kenmore ranges are also available in a variety of other finishes – from black and white to our newest design offering, Black Stainless Steel.

Tip 4: Find your features.

Certain features and options can make a difference in the overall experience of using your range — especially when it comes to saving time and energy. Consider features like…

Lo Temp Clean Technology — Cleans your oven without the use of harsh chemicals or high heat. Simply spray the interior with water, select the Lo Temp Clean button and 20 minutes later wipe away any grime or debris.
Smoothtop Cooktop — Perfect for easily wiping up spills and splatters.
Oval Flex Burner — Delivers even heat distribution for oversized cookware and griddles.
True Convection Technology — Uses a fan and hidden third heating element to distribute heated air evenly throughout the oven, delivering consistent heat to every rack and every dish.
Temperature Probe — The oven automatically turns off once your turkey or roast reaches the correct interior temperature.
Warm & Hold — Keeps your dishes at the perfect serving temperature for hours, without overcooking.


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